Setcoin News – 8 Latest Progress Reports on Setcoin Cryptocurrency.

The Setcoin Cryptocurrency is one of the crypto assets you should not miss in this 2018. The team is making a great progress with developments and solid partnerships.

The Setcoin Events Dates:

Pre-sale ends on 28th February, 2018. 

Sale (ICO) starts March 1st, 2018. 

Sale (ICO) ends May 31st, 2018. 

See some of the latest updates from the Setcoin Team;

1) Setcoin team is in the process of localizing their docs (One Page, Whitepaper, etc.) to Japan, Chinese, German, Russian languages.

2) Official Setcoin China telegram group has been launched and it got more than 1K members in a couple of hours.

3) They are testing Setcoin Airdrop campaign for Chinese and English speaking investors

4) With Setcoin Ireland partners, they  are in the process of creating Easy Setcoin Buying solution in some clicks on Setcoin Sale Website (with ability to buy setcoin by crypto BTC, ETH, LTC and with fiat by using several processing centers) something similar to what you can see in this link;

5) With partners from Belarus Lemon Digital, the Setcoin team is in the process of creating explained video for Setcoin. Here is their portfolio

6) The Setcoin team sign a contract with Cynopsis Solutions (Singapore), they provide ARTEMIS – with simple, cost-effective one-stop automation of a complex regulatory requirement on Know-Your-Customer (KYC) / Anti-Money Laundering (AML) /Counter-Terrorism Financing (CTF). They will implement KYC, AML, CTF verification on Setcoin Sale Website when investors will buy setcoin.

7) Setcoin will be a Diamond Sponsor at the 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit in Shanghai April 2018 (other summits are in discussion).

8) A research group from Sydney (Red Belly Blockchain) is starting to discuss Setcoin Blockchain requirements with Setcoin tech team. Other research groups from CREDITS Columbia University (1M TPS (transactions per seconds)) and NeuroChain from Europe (France, Switzerland etc), they are working to create blockchain with AI (Artificial Intelligence) and machine learning: . They are discussing their partnerships.

To stay informed with latest news on Setcoin, visit the website –

Join the Setcoin AirDrop –

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