Setcoin ICO Progress Report – How well is the Setcoin Tokens ICO Doing?

Setcoin is an ICO that works with Inserviss which is a platform that allows service providers all over the globe to create professional profiles and market their services while customers can find service providers that are closest to their location easily. This platform, therefore, suits both the service providers (such as home tutors, teachers, beauty specialists, barbers, lawyers, personal trainers, medic, etc.) and the customers.

Inserviss Platform helps the service providers to manage their order, schedule the order, track earnings and feedback, promote their services and launch campaigns that ensure customer loyalty. Meanwhile, the customers are able to search for professionals based on their profiles, create a pool of service providers whose services may be required repeatedly and book impressive service providers in and out of peak seasons. However, for the effective running of this virtual marketplace, payments are to be made using the Setcoin cryptocurrency.

Setcoin Cryptocurrency

This cryptocurrency makes use of the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus (RBBC) which is about 94,000 times faster than the Bitcoin blockchain as it can process over 660,000 transactions per second. This blockchain technology has the upper hand over other means of payment because it is decentralized, open-sourced and impossible to hack.

The Setcoin (Service Exchange Token) is the token to be used for making payments and may be bought using Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoins, U.S. dollars or Euros. There are 1 billion tokens in supply while one token is called a SET.

Initial Coin Offering of Setcoins

To achieve global expansion, a Minimal Valuable Localization (MVL) Strategy is to be deployed by the team led by Igor Perepelychnyy. This strategy will optimize markets around the world, grow customer base and test which markets are ready for penetration, all with minimal cost and time.

However, this project is to be launched by an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) as a feasible source of funds. 

Setcoin events dates:
Pre-sale end at 28 February 2018
Sale (ICO) start March 1 2018
Sale (ICO) end May 31 2018

Each token being equivalent to 0.00002 BTC.  Of the total supply, only 300 million SETs are up for sale.

Benefits of Setcoins

  1.    Due to the decentralized nature of the blockchain, Setcoins present a secure means of payment.
  2.    It is a global and fast means of payment. Owing to the speed of the RBBC, transaction can be processed in a matter of seconds.
  3.    Setcoins eliminate third parties and thus remove the need for commissions.
  4.    The transparency of the blockchain makes it a better choice for payments as it cannot be doctored.
  5.    Setcoins empower both the customer and the service providers, without favoring one over the other. Setcoins present an easy mode of payment that benefits both parties.

Therefore, Setcoin, when launched, will help service providers wherever they are to set up business easily. Also, Setcoin with its expected huge demand will create an eco-system that even mainstream third parties will begin accepting. Setcoin will empower all those involved in the marketplace.


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