Setcoin – Craigs List meets LinkedIn on Red Belly Blockchain

Craigs List meets LinkedIn, this summarizes Inserviss. A project by the Perpeleychnaya couple, Igor is the CEO who has seven years of experience in the IT industry as a developer and has been working in the finance industry for the past five years as a trader of currencies and commodities. The wife, Elena is a marketing and product design specialist who leads creative and mentoring creative teams.


The Inserviss platform is a worldwide marketplace that connects all kinds of service providers with potential customers. The service providers are not the usual types you see in a marketplace. You can find doctors, lawyers, hair salons, insurance and health policy agents etc. etc.

These and other service providers can run regular services, promotions, any campaigns from the ease of their chairs. Customers, in turn, can find the nearest service provider they want and select based on their reputation and feedback from other customers.


Once you register and setup a profile, you can search for any kind of service you require. Envy your friend’s nails? Manicure too expensive in the salon you are a regular? You can use Inserviss to make your life easier:

  • Search for manicure services in your locality.
  • Check out the profile of nearest service providers. You can also set up the search to tell of manicure salons with filters like lowest price, promotions, rating, feedback etc.
  • Contact the service provider and set up an appointment.
  • Go to the salon, using the mobile app’s navigation service.
  • Get a manicure!

After the services are delivered, or rendered, you can pay for it using Inserviss’ very own token, the SETCOIN.


The Inserviss platform, being decentralized in nature, makes connecting people directly and quickly. But a decentralized service is good and effective if there is a method to transfer monetary value between the people using it.

Inserviss has its own coin running on the platform, called the Service Exchange Token, or Setcoin. A secure and extremely fast transact able digital token of value, this is the true beauty of the Inserviss platform.

Let us take the example of manicure once again. After you done with getting your nails all shiny and clean, you can pick up your mobile and transfer what you owe to the salon. The price will already be set when you set the appointment. You will be paying in Setcoins from your wallet.

Setcoin is built on Red Belly Blockchain, which can process more than 660,000 transactions per second, the transfer coins is immediate and with little to no transaction charges.

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