SeoSamba Announces Citation Building & Yext Replacement Services

The Yext Alternative Everyone is Talking about

SeoSamba, an online marketing and marketing automation software company, recently released its new business and local directory management services as an alternative to Yext. The citation creation service is a more cost effective solution for citation building and online directory listing management.

SeoSamba’s product compares apples to apples to the Yext platform, and one-up’s the citation management giant both in price and additional features. The SeoSamba Yext replacement software tool was designed as a way to streamline online citation building and management across hundreds of directory websites, while doing it at an affordable price for small to midsize businesses, and especially for franchise brands and multi location companies.

SeoSamba’s Yext replacement & alternative solution addresses some of the most common complaints made by business owners about the Yext platform.


Many business owners find that Yext is cost-prohibitive and does not deliver enough value for the price. SeoSamba offers the same, or better, functionality at a much lower cost, enabling even one person operations to utilize a very needed service to help improve Google rankings and manage online reputation.

Listing Ownership, Citation Placement & Customization

Many business owners find out too late that directory listings created within the Yext platform are actually owned by Yext, not by the business owner. You are essentially just renting listings built and/or managed on the Yext platform, and have access to them only as long as you are paying the monthly fees. Once you terminate your service with Yext, your listings might disappear, become lame and unmanageable, or might feature previously outdated information as well. Our services will take care of remediating these situations.

With listings built using SeoSamba’s Yext replacement service, business owner’s have full ownership of their listings on or off the platform, even if the service is canceled down the road. Furthermore, SeoSamba lets business owners choose on which directories they want listings to appear, whereas with Yext, there is no choice given. Listings are automatically created in every directory, whether it is relevant or not.

SeoSamba empowers business owners to make their own decisions about where they want their business information made available, and through listing ownership.

Peace of Mind without Incorrect Listing Data

Inconsistent information on directories can harm your search rankings. Instead of trying to figure out where there is inaccurate data or duplicate listings, and then updating them one at a time, businesses can streamline the process with SeoSamba, saving time, money and severe headaches. SeoSamba will walk you through the Yext cancellation process and remediate for you any duplicate or inaccurate listings.

Stop the madness

”If you have had it with Yext’s expensive annual fees and want control over your listing, SeoSamba is the perfect replacement to manage your local listings. Create and clean up select directory listings on the platforms your business actually benefits from. Subscribe to SeoSamba’s review monitoring service, and you have a complete reputation management solution for a fraction of the cost of Yext”, says SeoSamba’s Client Relationship Manager, Alyssa Hartson, and adds “It is the icing on the cake. Contrary to Yext, with SeoSamba, you actually own all of your listings and retain access to them, even if you terminate our service.

SeoSamba offers a viable alternative for business owners who find Yext to be cost prohibitive, dislike the lack of control, and think having ownership of their listings is important. SeoSamba’s solution is cost effective and manageable for any size company, from a one person shop to multi-location businesses and franchise brands. Businesses have full control over their listings, as well as full ownership. Find out how to consolidate directory citations, reputation management, social marketing, and SEO into one easy to use platform by requesting a demo.

About SeoSamba:

SeoSamba serves thousands of small businesses, multi-location and franchise networks around the world, with service centers in the United States and Europe. SeoSamba’s distributed framework is built around the Marketing automation platform or SeoSamba MOS and SeoToaster, an open source CMS with a built-in Shopping CART and cloud and on premise CRM for an all-encompassing centralized digital marketing solution.

SeoSamba offers turnkey website redesign services, and marketing services to small and medium sized businesses, as well as a state-of-the-art Franchise Marketing Operating System and franchise sales CRM for multi-location and franchise businesses.

For more information about SeoSamba’s services, visit, email or call + 1 (877) 450-9894.

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