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Sales of EVs to Overtake Diesels This Year

Are you noticing more electric cars on the roads? If so, you are not imagining things as sales have been rising sharply with more and more motorists making the switch. In fact, reports show that around 190,000 electric cars were sold in 2021 despite disruption to global supply chains due to COVID-19, and electric cars made up a total of 26% of sales in December 2021.

Sales Rising Around Europe 

In Europe, sales of electric cars overtook diesel models for the first time in December and more than a fifth of new cars sold across 18 European markets (including the UK) were powered exclusively by batteries. It is clear that motorists in Europe and around the world are becoming greener and looking at the long term financial benefits of making the switch. 

Reasons For Switching 

The rise of electric vehicles was inevitable, especially with the government’s proposed 2030 ban on the sale of petrol and diesel and the introduction of clean air zones around the UK. In addition to this, the charging infrastructure is constantly growing in the UK with there now being more electric charging points than petrol stations. On top of this, the battery technology is improving which means that range anxiety is even less of a problem and increasing convenience for motorists.


Another reason that the sale of EVs is on the rise is the fact that there are now so many available and a type in every category. Every major manufacturer has an EV in their range, has plans to bring out more EVs, and has even electrified some of their existing models. This gives motorists much greater choice, which is also helping to bring down the costs.

Costs & Leasing

Following on from this, the cost of buying an EV is what has been putting many people off from making the switch. Even with the plug-in grant, it can still be expensive to make the switch so this is understandable. For those in this situation, it is worth looking into a lease deal as the monthly payments should be lower than a finance deal. In addition to being a more affordable option, leasing allows you to test electric cars without making a long-term commitment so it is a good option if you are tempted to switch but not quite ready to buy yet.

Electric car sales continue to rise and they are becoming a common sight on the roads. Motorists are becoming increasingly eco-aware and also realizing the significant long term financial benefits of making the switch. There are now many different types of electric cars available with a constantly growing infrastructure, but those not quite ready to take the plunge and buy could look to a lease as a way to test the waters.

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