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Role of Advisors in Setcoin ICO – By the CEO of Inserviss.

As our ICO is still in the process and we are making some preparations for this event, we already had 2-3 months experience of working with Advisors team to prepare for this event and now I can share some thoughts in this area.

As the crypto industry is new, more and more people come into this industry as Advisors  for different reasons. Some want  to have quick gains from their work, some want to make their name and carrier in the new industry and some (minority) want to find really something valuable (project, team, product etc.) to participate and be part of the new industry not only with loud speeches but also with strong belief in the core of their consciousness.

For this short period we have onBoard more than 10 Advisors that were added in our Advisors Board team and most of them have a lot of time to show their engagement and value in our project.

Today, I Can Say what Type of Advisors Every Team Needs:

An Advisor needs to have some unique skills, access or abilities to add value to an ICO project.

Advice like adding bounty campaign, explainer video or mistakes on website is not the key role of an advisor. All of these are a must have for every project that is going to run a successful ICO and all these points are in the checklist of all founders and other members who are organizing the ICO, which will be implemented soon or later before ICO starts.

So, what is the unique value an Advisor should add to an ICO project based on his/her experience?

  • Unique access to the private group investors or decision making people from his/her space that are trusted by the Advisor and also trust the advisor and are able to listen to him about the project he or she will be  advising them to invest in.
  • Unique access to some partners in media/legal/marketing/tech or other areas that are valuable to the startup based on the experience of the Advisor in his previous career.
  • Other connections and services that are not available on the market or can’t be ordered from third party service providers.
  • Taking some roles in everyday engagement to the project and making some work if he expresses intention to be part of the team.

Every startup founder should always be thinking about a unique value that the product will offer to people, I also think every Advisor must have his own checklist of what he can offer to a project based on his/her unique experience that will add unique value to the startup.

Some advice to Advisors from Setcoin founders team:

Please join only to the project in which you believe in and are ready to engage, invest your knowledge, connections, experience, time in the team and ideas.

Then you will be able to get from your work not only Advisors fees and tokens, but something bigger after your idea is successfully implemented.

Thank you!

Igor​ ​ Perepelychnyy
Founder & Chief​ ​ Execution​ ​ Officer​ ,

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