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Rising Tech Thought Leaders to Watch in 2023: Rohan Roger

Technology is advancing at an exponential rate. Last year, we were hailing advances in medical drug mapping, today we’re using Generative AI to query vast databases and create human-like artifacts. But with this kind of power, many would say we have a greater responsibility to give back to communities around us sustainably.

Rohan Roger thinks so.

He stands out as a visionary not for mere tech accomplishments – although he has plenty of those: ccolades, awards. His heart beats for his peers , and he is determined to use all the massive prowess at his disposal to better the lives of people who need it the most.

So who is Rohan Roger? This young technology wizardhas, in a relatively short span, collaborated with boutique and enterprise technology enterprises, cybersecurity firms, and Fortune-100 conglomerates across continents. Whether it’s his engagements in the Americas, Europe, or the Asia-Pacific, Roger’s impact has been consistent, tangible, and influential.

He’s a CTO and SMB Chief Information Officer at Synoptek, a company that offers comprehensive IT management and consultancy services to organizations worldwide, empowering them with innovative digital solutions to enhance their competitive edge in an ever-evolving technological landscape. He recently won three coveted Bronze Stevie® Awards in the 2023 International Business Awards®, and has been recognized as an emerging force to be reckoned with.

But for Rohan, one of his most precious accomplishments was founding This educational platform was created with the goal of bridging the educational divide between urban and rural students in India. Leveraging technology, the New Delhi-based tech startup has democratized access to quality education, playing a crucial role in enhancing the academic outcomes of countless students. 

Since’s inception in 2010, the platform has empowered millions of students with superior educational content from city schools being disseminated throughout the country, improving pass rates. Most recently, these videos have been made available on YouTube for free for students in India, a country that has democratized access to internet. . 

As a founding member of the India Student Hub situated at the Embassy of India in Washington D.C., Rohan pioneered an initiativeleveraging technology to foster connections between the Indian Government and its 200,000 students in the U.S. Amid the peak of the COVID-19 crisis, his leadership was instrumental in orchestrating the pandemic response, streamlining communication, and overseeing the deployment of vital tech resources and helplines. This effort saw him orchestrating and conducting pivotal interviews with notable figures, such as the Indian Ambassador and Astronaut Sunita Williams, reaching hundreds of thousands via live streams.

Outside of his professional commitments, he actively engages in the community, mentoring students through esteemed programs like the NASA-backed The Globe Program and STRIVE for College. This altruistic passion showcases the multi-faceted nature of his impact, stretching far beyond the realm of technology and business. For Rohan, it’s never been about the bottom line. 

“I believe in initiating transformative change around the world, be it in remote communities or global conglomerates,” he states. “Technology is a tool that exists to better people’s lives. That’s the crux of it. The work I do aims to democratize basic human rights, like freedom, education,  exist to make people’s lives better, plain and simple. The work I do is based toward democratizing basic human rights like freedom and education, using technology as an agent for change in non-profits and businesses alike.”

Rohan has been a vocal advocate against consent violations and sexual violence in South Asia, harnessing technology to spearhead initiatives seeded by the Davis Foundation for Peace. This is key because the region has historically grappled with these deeply ingrained societal issues, notably the girl who’s rape changed a country

Intertwining technology and advocacy, Rohan brings a fresh, impactful approach to catalyze change, challenge cultural norms, and offer tangible solutions to communities in dire need. And his efforts underscore the potential of leveraging modern tools to address age-old problems, providing a beacon of hope for countless victims and setting a precedent for future activists. 

Roger’s industrial acumen is equally commendable. His consultancy rolesunderscore his deep understanding and expertise in tech integrations, especially during complex business restructurings. As aCTO at Synoptek, he advises and steers a portfolio of clients encompassing a broad spectrum of industries, from life sciences and legal to wealth management and non-profits. He has beeen an invited judge for several international competitions, notably the 2023 Cybersecurity Awards.

It’s no surprise that – as mentioned – he’s been the recipient of multiple awards; he isone of the youngest professionals ever to win three Bronze Stevie® Awards in the esteemed 2023 International Business Awards®. This certainly cements his standing among the tech world’s elite, even more so when considering that he stands alongside industry stalwarts from MasterCard, Robert Half, and Amazon Music.

Rohan Roger is not just a tech guru; he’s a visionary, a changemaker, and undeniably, a force to reckon with in the global tech space. As he continues his journey, it’s evident that the world can expect more groundbreaking innovations and initiatives from this emerging tech titan. He’s one to watch – not just for his masterful use of technology, but for his passion to make the world a better place.

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