Responsive Website Mastery: Must-Know Tips for Designers

People hate waiting for a website to load.” 

“People hate it when you ask them to visit your website on the desktop because you forgot about the mobile design.”

“People hate an ugly design where they can’t navigate properly.”

Designers must know how to make people love a website after just clicking on the link. This blog is here to help designers with a few tips for creating a better responsive website design. For better knowledge on website design and development, you need to contact the top website designing companies in Dubai.

Plan Your Design Before You Start

Many website designers start creating right away without doing any planning. Although it may seem like you’re off to a fast start, your final design will be flawed. So before writing the first line of code, do these researches first:

  • Visit the webpages of your rivals.
  • Choose the colors you want to use.
  • Choose the tone of your voice wisely.
  • Establish your primary calls to action.

Let us not go into greater detail about the planning stage, but if you’re interested in learning more about basic web design and development, then contact Prism ME, the best web designing company in Dubai.

Create The Mobile-Version First

It’s a good idea to concentrate on your mobile visitors during the design phase, as traffic to mobile websites keeps growing. There are several approaches you can use for this:

  • Draw a rough sketch for your mobile website before making a digital one.
  • For ideas, check out the mobile versions of your competitors’ websites.
  • Before you begin working on your desktop version, complete your mobile website.

The navigation of your website must be considered while creating a responsive website design. Although you might get away with utilizing the same navigation at the bottom, you should have different mobile and desktop navigation in your header.

The Navigation

Many websites utilize a hamburger menu to navigate the website because you have limited space in your header on a mobile device. Despite the fact that this is a wonderful tactic, some of your visitors might not be familiar with the hamburger menu. This problem can be resolved by placing your most significant navigational item(s) on all of your pages.

A Rough Sketch is a Priority

It might be tempting to launch your website as soon as you register your domain name. But before you create, take a moment to draw what you have in mind. Make a plan for the structure of your website using a pencil and paper. Write down the questions that are necessary before designing.

What about a headline? Where will you make a call to action? What color will you choose?

You push yourself to think about an appropriate design by drawing a rough sketch of your website before you create it.

Keep Minimalist Designs

Small features can be seen with great clarity when browsing a webpage in full-screen mode on a desktop. On the other hand, it is obvious that you won’t see it if you are using a mobile device to browse the same page. Minimalist design should be used wherever possible for small screens. Remove unnecessary elements from your design.

Compress All The High-Quality Image

This is a common error made by web designers. They design a beautiful website with high-quality images and think that their work is done. But that’s a huge mistake. Always make sure that the images are compressed when developing a responsive website. In other words, the smallest file size is what your photographs should have. It takes a lot of time to load, especially on mobile devices. It matters a lot on how quickly a web page loads.

Optimize Typography For Each Device

Even though your typeface should be readable on all devices, phones and tablets require extra attention to this. Make sure your typeface is readable and large enough on smaller devices when creating a responsive website.

Scaling Of Your Buttons

Making everything smaller for small displays is a common mistake when designing a responsive website. You need to be more aware, especially of your buttons. For example, make sure the “buy” button is large enough to be tapped on if you still want your visitor to be able to press it.


Building a responsive website can be hard, but with the proper assistance from professional web design companies, it can be a much easier and better job.

Prism ME is listed as the best web development agency in Dubai because of their years of expertise in website design, which can assist anyone in creating an enhanced website.

Create a beautiful responsive website easily with the help of a top web design company like PRISM ME in Dubai. Communicate with them as soon as possible, as they are the best and customers might be in line.

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