Promising Cryptocurrency – The Dogs of Elon, EverGrow Coin and HUH Token

Binance Coin, Bitcoin, Lite Coin, and many other cryptocurrency powerhouses today rule the market, with all of them enjoying an extremely lucrative 2020 despite the pandemic. Uncertainty will persist in the unpredictable crypto sea as the tide swings in favour of decentralised finance and more people adopt it. HUH Token, EverGrow Coin, and The Dogs of Elon might be the next big trends in cryptocurrencies.

Dogs of Elon (DOE) is a great example of how to take advantage of an untapped market opportunity with a novel concept. A lot of their success has come from using dog memes and Non-Fungible Tokens as marketing tools (NFTs). Elon Musk, founder and CEO of Tesla, is the inspiration for many of these memes.

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Cryptopunks and Crypto-kitties are among the sources of inspiration for this digital cryptocurrency. Dog memes are being introduced to the NFT market by the Dogs of Elon as a means of capitalising on the memetic potential of these furry friends.

This cryptocurrency has already started to expand and dig in its claws; yet, there are two whole new currencies in play that have the potential to be as enormous, if not greater, than DOE.

EverGrow Coin began 6 weeks ago and has since become one of the quickest growing cryptocurrencies in the cryptosphere. The currency has already handed out over $20,000,000 in BUSD to its holders. These dividends are transferred into the holders’ wallets automatically. 

EverGrow has also torched half of the whole supply, eliminating the coins from the pool for good. This isn’t a brand-new concept; several cryptocurrencies already use this strategy to lower their price. The contrast between this burnt digital currency and other similar concepts is that the EverGrow coin genuinely vanishes from the calculation.

EverGrow’s incentives may be worth twice as much compared to those of certain other cryptocurrencies since they continue to share their reflections even after the coins themselves have been withdrawn from circulation. There are also plans to establish an NFT marketplace with play-to-earn games and a decentralised space for producers; this social network is supposed to have the capacity to compete with Onlyfans.

The next entry on the list has not yet been announced but has set a debut date of December 6th. The HUH coin is designed to be accessible to everyone, not just the most well-off investors. HUH Token, like EverGrow, offers a singular opportunity to generate passive income, if not more.

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A novel and simple referral programme for HUH Token uses investor-provided codes to pay the referrer 10% of purchases completed by new wallet holders. You are provided with ten per cent of the purchase price that is collected from the individual who redeems your voucher.

In addition, several investors are said to be well-known social media influencers with large fan bases.

The combination of this tokenomic approach and the opportunity for a big social following may result in the next Shiba Inu or Dogecoin. Cryptocurrency projects are expected to change their focus to utility, passive income, and mainstream appeal as the market becomes more stable.

This is not financial advice, and any investments you make should be carefully considered. However, I’d be concerned about missing out on the next Christmas season’s big bull rush.

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