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Progress Report From the CEO of e-Pocket on the e-Pocket ICO.

This is Tapha Faye, Founder & CEO of e-Pocket : First of all, I would like to congratulate you all and thank you for your valued contribution during the PRE-ICO. It means a lot to us, and it is undoubtedly a motivational boost to work even harder to deliver on our promises by any means necessary.

We have sold over 4 million tokens which is a good result considering we did not market the PRE-ICO very actively. Our ICO has started on the 22nd of January, and at the end of the ICO, we will be pushing to launch the tokens at a higher price on the exchanges. For example, at the end of ICO, the price will be $0.30, and we are pushing for a starting price of $0.40 on the exchanges. This means there still tremendous opportunities to invest even more during the ICO or invite your network to get our tokens through our referral program. The more people we get on board to join the EPT movement the better it is for everyone in the community as we will broaden our community. To achieve this as quickly as possible, we will need your help to advocate for the EPT as investors and the e-Pocket project as a whole to attract more people into our community.

Having invested in many ICO’s my self, I can safely say that the e-Pocket token EPT is an excellent investment choice, for those looking for a good project with great potentials. This project is very different from what you see in the market today with ICO’s. We have a working product that is almost complete, and we are working very hard to launch it by April this year. All of this factors will impact the potential value increase of the EPT as an investment. We don’t want to overpromise, but there is a lot of exciting things under the sun in coming months…

The e-Pocket project is our life work; we are simply building the world we want to see by applying smart technologies that we believe can help humanity as a whole reach its full potential. The combination of Blockchain technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning is the future of the next generation of applications. The mix of this different types of technologies in an intelligent, scalable and practical way to increase people’s day to day productivity is where all our focus should be. Blockchain technology is at its infancy, and the best way we can leverage on this new technology for the benefit of people is by understanding its full purpose and build applications that support its logic but not ones that defy it. Our vision at e-Pocket is to decentralise human productivity by providing tools that people can use on daily bases to create value and reach their full potential regardless of their geographical location.

We are also inviting everyone to join our telegram community account, for our weekly updates, news, exchanges and software development. This will also allow you to be part of the development process, communicate with the team, ask questions, make suggestions and be indeed a member of the e-Pocket movement. We are very excited about the EPT token and the e-Pocket project overall.

Look out for more exciting news about e-Pocket & EPT, and we can’t wait to share more with you.

Website https://www.e-pocket.com.au/

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