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Press Release: OKP LIFE Introduces the Eco-Friendly Robot Vacuum K5 PRO – Redefining Cleaning with Sustainability at Its Core


Eco-Friendly Mopping Reimagined

The K5 PRO introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows the use of used wet wipes for floor mopping. This initiative encourages recycling and reduces waste, aligning with our vision of eco-friendly home maintenance. By repurposing wet wipes, users contribute to a greener environment, making the K5 PRO the perfect choice for eco-conscious individuals.

Press Release: OKP LIFE Introduces the Eco-Friendly Robot Vacuum K5 PRO - Redefining Cleaning with Sustainability at Its Core

Triangulation Distance Measuring

Equipped with nine sets of triangulation distance sensors, including eight for obstacle avoidance covering a 190-degree area in front and one dedicated to wall-following on the right, the K5 PRO sets a new standard in robotic vacuum navigation. This technology ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient cleaning across all types of floors.

Press Release: OKP LIFE Introduces the Eco-Friendly Robot Vacuum K5 PRO - Redefining Cleaning with Sustainability at Its Core

Simplified Maintenance

The K5 PRO boasts a user-friendly suction outlet design, making it easier than ever to clean and maintain. This feature ensures that your vacuum remains in optimal condition, ready to tackle any cleaning challenge.


To take advantage of this exclusive offer, visit and enter the discount code 10RUX7GZ to enjoy a whopping 57% off on the Robot Vacuum Cleaner, bringing down the price from 299.99tojust129.99. This limited-time offer is valid from 03/01/2024 at 7:00 AM PST until 03/18/2024 at 11:59 PM PST. Don’t miss out on this incredible deal and upgrade your cleaning routine with a state-of-the-art robot vacuum cleaner.

Embracing sustainability while maintaining a clean and tidy home has never been easier than with the introduction of OKP LIFE’s K5 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner. This innovative cleaning solution is designed not only to make your life easier but also to contribute positively to the environment. With the K5 PRO, OKP LIFE is redefining what it means to keep a clean home in the 21st century, merging advanced technology with eco-friendly practices.


The cornerstone of the K5 PRO’s design is its unique ability to utilize used wet wipes for floor mopping. This feature is more than just an innovation; it’s a call to action for those looking to make environmentally responsible choices without compromising on cleanliness. By giving a second life to wet wipes, the K5 PRO drastically reduces waste, setting a new benchmark for sustainability in home appliances.


Beyond its eco-friendly mopping feature, the K5 PRO’s advanced navigation system represents a significant leap forward in robotic vacuum technology. The vacuum is equipped with nine sets of triangulation distance sensors, which serve two primary functions. Firstly, eight of these sensors are dedicated to obstacle avoidance, ensuring the K5 PRO can navigate around your home without bumping into furniture or other objects. The 190-degree coverage at the front allows the robot vacuum to detect obstacles from a wider angle, improving its ability to clean efficiently and effectively.


Secondly, the ninth sensor is specifically designed for wall-following. This ensures that the K5 PRO can clean along the edges of rooms and around obstacles with precision, ensuring no spot is missed. The result is a more thorough clean, with the robot vacuum able to reach into corners and along walls where dirt and dust tend to accumulate.


Maintenance of the K5 PRO is streamlined and hassle-free, thanks to its user-friendly suction outlet design. This innovative feature makes it easier for users to clean the vacuum’s outlet, ensuring that it remains unblocked and operates at peak efficiency. Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the life of any appliance, and the K5 PRO’s design makes this essential task simpler than ever.


In a time when environmental consciousness is more important than ever, the K5 PRO stands out as a beacon of eco-friendly innovation. It is not just a vacuum cleaner; it is a testament to OKP LIFE’s commitment to combining convenience with sustainability. The K5 PRO invites users to join in this commitment, offering a way to maintain a clean home while also caring for our planet.


The limited-time offer available on Amazon is an opportunity not to be missed. With a significant discount, this is the perfect time to embrace both the future of home cleaning and an eco-friendly lifestyle. The K5 PRO is more than just a cleaning device; it is an investment in a cleaner, greener future.


OKP LIFE’s K5 PRO Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a game-changer in the world of home maintenance. It offers an innovative solution to the challenge of balancing convenience, cleanliness, and environmental responsibility. With its advanced navigation system, eco-friendly mopping feature, and simplified maintenance, the K5 PRO is poised to become an essential part of eco-conscious households worldwide. As we move towards a more sustainable future, OKP LIFE’s K5 PRO leads the way, proving that technology and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.


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