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Premier Resort Services Timeshare Rental Company Review

Timeshare Rental Company Review

Considering a timeshare rental company, I had my doubts. When I found Premier Resort Services, I was skeptical about whether they could help us escape the contract we felt trapped in.

My experience with them turned out to be exceptional.

They successfully sold our timeshare, freeing us from a long-term commitment that had become a burden.

Premier Resort Services not only saved us significant money but also a lot of time. Their customer service truly stood out in the process.

Every interaction with Premier Resort Services demonstrated their honesty and efficiency. I highly recommend them to anyone looking to sell a timeshare.

Company Overview

I will provide a comprehensive look at Premier Resort Services, exploring its history and the key services it offers.

History of Premier Resort Services

Premier Resort Services was established in 2005 with the goal of assisting timeshare owners in managing their properties.

Over the years, the company has built a reputation for transparency and customer satisfaction.

I have found that they have consistently prioritized clients’ needs, which has fostered trust and loyalty among their customer base.

The company has expanded its operations nationwide, securing partnerships with numerous resorts and agencies. Their focus on ethical business practices has positioned them as a leader in the industry.

Premier Resort Services’ dedication to excellence is evident in their professional approach and successful track record.

Services Offered

Premier Resort Services specializes in a range of timeshare-related services.

Their primary offering is timeshare rental and resale, which helps owners find potential renters or buyers. This service is particularly beneficial for individuals looking to relieve themselves of timeshare obligations.

Additionally, they offer timeshare exit solutions. This service helps clients legally and efficiently terminate their timeshare contracts. I appreciate their straightforward process and clear communication.

They also provide consultation services, guiding timeshare owners through the complexities of ownership and management. With their expertise, they ensure clients make informed decisions that suit their needs.

Their comprehensive suite of services makes Premier Resort Services a valuable resource for timeshare owners.

Timeshare Rental Success

Premier Resort Services provided a seamless selling process and significant client savings.

Selling Process

My experience with Premier Resort Services began with a clear and straightforward selling process. They explained all the steps, from listing my timeshare to finalizing the sale. I was kept informed at the every stage, which gave me peace of the mind.

The team utilized a broad network of potential buyers and effective marketing strategies, ensuring my timeshare received ample exposure. Their expertise in the market meant the sale was completed more quickly than I anticipated.

This efficient process saved me from the daunting task of navigating the timeshare market alone. Premier Resort Services handled all negotiations and paperwork, making the entire transaction hassle-free.

Client Savings

The financial benefits were notable. By selling my timeshare through Premier Resort Services, I avoided ongoing maintenance fees and other associated costs.

They negotiated a fair sale price, which maximized my return. The transparency in their fee structure ensured there were no unexpected expenses.

Their service not only saved me money but also considerable time. I no longer had to worry about unused vacation weeks or escalating fees. Instead, I was able to free up resources for other ventures. This cost efficiency was one of the standout aspects of the experience.

Customer Service Excellence

Premier Resort Services excels in customer service, ensuring high client satisfaction and consistently delivering top-notch support quality. Their commitment to maintaining a positive customer experience is evident in every interaction.

Client Satisfaction

I encountered responsive and courteous staff at every step. They were communicative, keeping me informed throughout the process of selling my timeshare.

Their ability to handle my concerns with empathy and patience was reassuring. Each query was addressed promptly, showing their dedication to client satisfaction.

Moreover, the timely updates about proceedings built my confidence in their services. Client satisfaction is clearly a priority for them, reflected in their commitment to making the entire process smooth and straightforward.

Support Quality

The support quality was exceptional. I appreciated the availability of knowledgeable representatives ready to assist at any time. When I had specific questions, they provided clear and precise answers without delay.

They demonstrated a thorough understanding of the timeshare market, which made me feel secure in my decision to choose them. Their guidance was honest and reliable.

I found the support team to be both competent and approachable, ensuring all my interactions were positive. This focus on quality support contributed significantly to my overall positive experience with Premier Resort Services.

Client Recommendations

I have gathered invaluable insights from both personal testimonials and industry ratings, reflecting the experiences and satisfaction of clients with Premier Resort Services.


Many clients have praised Premier Resort Services for their exceptional service and successful outcomes.

For example, John S. from Florida shared that he was able to offload a burdensome timeshare within a few months and save significant money on future fees.

Sarah T. of California lauded the company’s transparency and honesty throughout the process. She was particularly impressed with how the company kept her informed at every step.

Clients repeatedly highlight the helpfulness and professionalism of the customer service team.

Testimonials frequently mention the stress relief provided by this service. For instance, Mark H. said that after years of unsuccessful attempts with other companies, Premier Resort Services finally delivered the results he needed.

Industry Ratings

Premier Resort Services enjoys favorable industry ratings, reflecting their reliability and performance.

They hold an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), indicating very high customer satisfaction and minimal complaints.

Trustpilot features a multitude of positive reviews, many rating the company five stars. These ratings are a crucial factor for prospective clients in assessing the credibility and efficacy of the service.

Industry experts also recognize the company’s expertise in timeshare resale. They have been featured in various travel and real estate publications, underscoring their authority in the field.

Corporate Integrity

When I worked with Premier Resort Services, their commitment to corporate integrity stood out. They maintained transparency in all their dealings and provided clear information at every step.

The team was always responsive and honest. I never felt misled or taken advantage of the . This level of the integrity is rare these days.

List of Integrity Practices:

  • Clear contracts
  • Transparent pricing
  • Open communication

Premier Resort Services operates with a high ethical standard. Their actions consistently matched their words, building trust and confidence in their services.

I appreciated their upfront communication. I knew precisely what to expect, and there were no hidden fees or surprises.

Their reputation for honesty is well-deserved. I felt valued and respected throughout the process, which reflects their genuine corporate integrity.

Each interaction reinforced their ethical commitment. This is crucial for anyone seeking a reliable timeshare rental company.


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