Oilsc Token – Alternative Cryptocurrency For  Oil And Gas Management.

In January 2009, the world witnessed the birth of the first viable virtual currency-Bitcoin. This new form of money was born on the internet. Bitcoin is devoid of any governance and oversight and is managed through the consensus of the currency users. Today, many cryptocurrencies/tokens have been launched, each with the aim to revolutionize a particular sector.

Due to the current increase in energy demand, there has been a high rise in oil and gas exploration and drilling activities in the North American and Middle East region. This increase is therefore causing a surge in drilling mud and cuttings waste and it is therefore very paramount to have a suitable waste management application for drilling purposes and safeguarding the environment.  

The global drilling waste management market is estimated to have been 3.80billion USD in 2016 and is projected to reach 5.08billion USD by 2020.

OILSC with a maximum of only 180miilions coins ever in circulation will be an integral part of the 5.05billionUSD global drilling management market simply by moving the contracts and supply chains of the world’s largest oil and gas waste disposal companies, organizations and government agencies onto the blockchain. Through smart contracts, OILSC will help reduce cost and increase the efficiency and transparency of transactions between oil companies and drill waste management services providers. Making OILSC coins/tokens the preferred industry standard medium of exchange, thereby elevating the value of OILSC coins upwards.

OILSC token is an ERC-20 token designed to be the medium of transaction with the bespoke smart-contracts between the oil and gas companies and all the drilling management and waste disposal service providers.    The token is supported by major companies and organizations with several years of experience in providing full drilling waste management services, solid control and complete backyard solutions to required post drilling environmental protection regulations worldwide.

OILSC will produce 180million OILSC tokens; 130million will be offered in the ICO token sales and the remaining 50million will be held by OILSC for marketing incentives, future expansion and development rewards etc. The ICO has commenced and it will run for a period of 6weeks. The selling price of OILSC token is: 1ETH=3,850 OILSC token. The minimum contribution is 0.1ETH (i.e 385 OILSC token). Please note that all contributions of 3ETH and 5ETH during the ICO will receive 25% and 40% additional bonus respectively.

Invest today to be a part of this great project. How do you invest?  First, all you need is available Ethereum tokens to fund your purchase. You can purchase them by opening an Ethereum wallet and funding it via traditional currency sources such as your bank account.

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