Obizcoin: World’s First Smart Process Automation Bot Based On Artificial Intelligence And Blockchain Technology.

Obizcoin – Is Your Virtual CEO . Business process management streamlines business processes within an organization where participants normally trust each other. In contrast, blockchain enables the execution of business processes across multiple organizations and untrusted participants. Excellence in business Process Management can be achieved by developing and implementing Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for organization. Standard operating procedures are a set of instructions that address the WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHY AND WHEN of an activity. SOP defines the responsibilities, authorities and reporting structures for every hierarchy within the organisation.

Obizcoin is developing a Smart Business Process Automation BOT based on Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain technology. In startups and SME’s, because of limited resources, multiple job profiles are handled by those involved in the top management. They have to involve in all the processes of the organization like Sales processes, BD processes, Purchase processes, Logistics processes, HR processes, Accounts processes and so on. Handling too many things at the same time makes it difficult for them to achieve excellence in any business process. They are left with no time for evaluation or monitoring of the actual performances. Also lack of domain expertise lead them to take wrong decisions, thereby posing risk to their venture’s survival in the long run. This is where OBIZCOIN comes in.

Obizcoin’s Smart Process BOT shall automate businesses processes. A business requires several agreements within the organization between employee and employers as well external agencies. These agreements will be executed through smart contracts making the relations between stakeholders transparent. In Most organizations, employers are unhappy that employees are not performing and employees are unhappy that employers are not rewarding. Obizcoin’s decentralized platform is the solution for this. Obizcoin BOT helps in Performance Analysis of employees.

As per the performance, employees would be rewarded. BOT will bring transparency in the organization & rewards would be distributed through smart contracts. Their decentralized Blockchain Platform shall also be used to store Client’s business data, which is extremely confidential. So, with the help of blockchain technology, they shall make this platform secure and transparent.

Obzcoin token (an ERC-20 compatible token) is a utility Token with lots of benefits. Token holders shall be able to avail several services (such as Operational Risk Score Analysis) from their decentralized BOT platform. Business consultants across the globe can use their platform  to develop efficient business processes for their clients, through obizcoin tokens. Furthermore, Obizcoin tokens will be used in the internal eco-system of the organization for incentivising their employees, associates, & developers to develop their platform continuously. Obizcoin tokens shall also be used for buying products and services of their vendor partners.   Obizcoin investors will be entitled to multiple benefits; Incremental Profit Sharing, Monthly Buy back and destruction of tokens. They are also offering a Minimum Guarantee of 1% per month- It will ensure that they work harder and stay focused to achieve their targets as soon as possible as there will be a monthly outgoing liability of 1%.

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