NVT  Token – Alternative Cryptocurrency For Game  Cards  Management.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency created to provide a new global form of electronic currency- to be used in place of other traditional currencies. It wa designed to be decentralized; no central government, company or other third party determines its value. Bitcoins solve the trust issues and its associated costs in the current electronic payment system via the creation of a public ledger-blockchain. While bitcoin has been in existence for over 8 years, it has grown over time as more users have become involved. Its rise to prominence has been driven by its wild price swings and sky-rocketing value.  

The card gaming market is currently estimated at 1.4 billion USD and is aimed to grow up to 2 billion USD in 2020.

In online card game, players want to exchange or sell their cards, but they cannot. Their cards are not even their own- the cards are licensed from the developer and the developer can revoke the license at any point in time. Novablitz offers solution to solve such problem with Nova token (NVT).

Novablitz is a fully-functional cross platform card game and it will be the first game to implement the Nova token. It already features more than 300 cards and will feature up to 50 new cards each month.

Nova tokens (NVT) are ERC-20 tokens that freely enables the creation, sale and trading of cards across any card game. The NVT can also be used to access in-game tournaments and pay for other in-game purchases-thereby allowing NVT to completely replace fiat currencies in any game that implements it. Players and developer will also enjoy several benefits such as own all their cards, earn copies of very new  card based on proof of stake of NVT, sell card for NVT on their in-game exchange, win NVT in tournaments, earn up to 90% of revenue from token sales, access to development, marketing and user acquisition funds  etc.

The platform goes beyond gaming and card trading; it harnesses the benefits of the blockchain technology to provide enhanced security for card trading and holding.

The distribution of the Nova tokens will be based on proof of stake concept. A minimum NVT holding is required and the more NVT you stake, the more copies of each card you will receive.

Nova token is designed specifically to address the needs of game developer and card gamers- giving players real ownership of their cards, not license of use, providing a marketplace for trading their cards and enhancing collectability and value of their cards.

You are stronger advised to invest in Nova token (NVT) today!!

The Nova token swap commenced December 11, 2017 and will end January 31, 2018. The tokens will be swapped at the rate of 1ETH for 1,000,000NVTs. Only 75 billion tokens will be available for the token swap.

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