Novablitz ICO Progress Report – The Nova Token Sale is now complete.

Digital card games are an economic hub for billions of dollars. According to the market analysis firm SuperData, it was expected to be as large as $1.4 billion. Novablitz gives you access to own a piece of this whopping sum; In fact with Novablitz, you get to own a piece the current $120 billion digital gaming market.

The digital gaming market has been estimated to grow by 40% between 2017 – 2020. Novablitz makes use of the Nova Token to buy, sell and trade cards. This is an Ethereum token based on the ERC-20 standard, with this there is minimal overhead from fees and maximal liquidity.


There are four sets of technology employed by Novablitz; they are; the Nova token, which is used to trade cards, enter tournaments, or for in-app purchases in the card games, the Card Exchange, the Card Tokens and the Tournaments Smart Contracts. All these are Ethereum tokens/contracts and are based on the ERC-20 standard.


The Nova Token Sale is now complete. The initial coin offering of the Nova token was launched publicly on the eleventh day of December 2017, and ended on the Tenth day of January 2018. Initial coin offering is an unregulated means by which new cryptocurrency ventures raise funds. They sell at a particular token to raise money, the token type employed is ERC-20, and token with a token supply of 100 billion,  75 billion tokens will be made available for purchase, this includes both pre-sale and public ICO. The accepted payment is solely the Ethereum ( ETH ), with 1 ETH equivalent to 1 million NVT.

The Nova token ICO attracts investments to fulfill several purposes;

1) 50% development and creation of an ecosystem

2) 40% marketing and business development

3) 5% operating expenses

4) 5% legal expenditures.

The Nova token is beneficial to both the developers and the players of digital card games, in that, the developers,  by integrating NVT into their game, would get free money. The developers can acquire players cheaply and will receive a share of the income generated by the platform.

The players get free cards. They can buy and sell their cards and also earn cards through proof of stake provide they are Nova token holders. Several other benefits of the Nova token include;

1) Card ownership, since other digital card games can seize your card at any time.

2) There is assured security as every transaction is tracked by the blockchain.

3) Nova token card exchange system minimises fees paid to trade cards.

4) It is integrated totally into the game users.


The team is made up if three individuals namely;

Skaff Elias:  He is the Senior vice president at wizard of the coast/Hasbro and is the owner of 3Donkeys since 2004.

Mark Pui: He is the Executive director at Pricewaterhouse Coopers since 2003, and a consultant at both KPMG and Arthur Anderson Business Consulting.

Richard Garfield: He is the creator of magic: The Gathering. He is also a game designer and a consultant in the monetization of games.

As at 2017 the state of the Nova token was well balanced, with a complete game launched on steam, ten thousand users across all platforms and operational, scalable and tested supporting infrastructures. In 2018, they hope to achieve in-game wallets and purchases with NVT, and a marketing push goal of 250,000 users (15,000 concurrent ). With Nova token, online card games just got more beneficial.

You can get in touch with the Nova Team by visiting the website here :

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