NFT Adoption Reaches Japan: You Could Benefit from the Market with these NFT tokens StepN, Enjin Coin, and Big Eyes Token

The Japanese cabinet had granted non-fungible tokens (NFTs), making it a first. The tokens, which functioned as “digital credentials” of achievement, were distributed to the winners of a nationwide digitalization competition called “Digi Takoshien in the summer of 2022” within the local government authority.  The NFT uses the Proof of Attendance Protocol (POAP) technology on the Ethereum blockchain network. This embrace is welcoming for NFT projects like Big Eyes (BIG) Token.

NFT is breaking new ground in its adoption thanks to moves by some nations like the scale of the Japanese market. Creatives can contribute to and potentially profit from the NFT market. Exploring the NFT-backed tokens highlighted in this article could be an excellent start to having a fair share of the market.

StepN (GMT): NFT in GameFi and SocialFi

The idea of StepN (GMT) was to combine GameFi and SocialFi. StepN is a web3 move-and-Earn mobile game with GameFi features, including NFTs, marketplaces, wallets, decentralized exchanges, and SocialFi platforms that connect players. On StepN, there are two kinds of tokens: the Governance Token (also known as GST, or Green Satoshi Token), which serves as a reward token, and the utility token (GMT – Green Metaverse Token). GST supply is unlimited and is earned when users use the Solo and Background modes.

The GMT, minted at the Token Generation Event, controls the platform’s governance. Its total supply is at 6,000,000,000. It is burnt by customization of sneakers, participation in government, leveling of sneakers, shoe minting, etc.

Enjin coin (ENJ): An NFT gaming platform

Enjin (ENJ) is developing into a whole ecosystem where regular consumers can access items related to blockchain. Anyone can engage in primary activities and utilities provided in the Enjin (ENJ) ecosystem with an expectation of incentives. Users of the application get access to these tokens in various ways because NFTs are a common component of many games, as well as other projects developed in the Enjin (ENJ) ecosystem.

The Enjin ecosystem uses two coins: Enjin Coin (ENJ) and Efinity Token (EFI). The first is an Ethereum-based cryptocurrency that would enable the development of NFTs while the latter is intended to reward and empower the developers and explorers of the metaverse. In the ecosystem, the two tokens function as dual tokens. The supply of ENJ is 1,000,000,000 in total, while EFI is estimated to have a total supply value of $2,000,000,000.

Big Eyes (BIG) Token: Why you should explore the Big Eyes cat metaverse

The Big Eyes (BIG) Token platform will promote DeFi via the Big Eyes Swap and back-end systems to help the market grow. They will also give users access to tutorials and streamlined educational materials for DeFi. Most cryptocurrency exchanges, including UniSwap DeFi Exchange, will allow users to buy Big Eyes (BIG) Token after launch.

For the benefit of its community, Big Eyes (BIG) Token will be supported by non-fungible tokens (Big Eyes cat), and the team moves to advance the project to the top NFT collections. Looking at their thorough roadmap, the team could accomplish this. The roadmap specifics were chosen possibly to engage the community and earn from the NFT events. 90% of the Big Eyes (BIG) Tokens will be made available at launch to achieve community involvement.

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NFTs are becoming more popular, which has an impact on the market as well. The Japanese government’s action is an open embrace of the market, and the value of the tokens backed by NFTs is likely to rise. With the tokens highlighted in this article, you could be off to a strong start in maximizing the NFT market.

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