New Cryptocurrencies For Smart Investors in 2018.

The cryptocurrencies have exploded in last year. Every day, more and more companies and organizations are announcing the launch of their own token. Go to any cryptocurrency related news portal and you will find it full of Initial Coin Offering announcements. Every single party claims that their coin is better, secure, faster and more valuable than the rest. Many also claim their digital money is the next Bitcoin killer.

As an investor or any ordinary man who follows the latest in cryptocurrencies, it is very hard to judge which of the new coins are going to be of any value in the future or are going to fizzle away.

We have compiled a list of the upcoming cryptocurrencies that will gain value in 2018 so you do not have to worry about selecting the right one.


A green energy platform powered by blockchain, users can sell and buy renewable energy to and from other users directly. The platform is powered by the WPR coin that is about to enter its ICO stage on first of February 2018. You can head over to their website and sign up for the ICO.


Decentralized Autonomous Vehicles is the future. Connecting two cutting-edge technologies of autonomous vehicles and blockchain power, users will be able to rent out their cars as taxis, order drones to pick up and drop packages like Amazon and even rent out your charging stations. The crowd sale’s date is not yet announced so keep on checking their website.


A metropolis for Cryptocurrency, CoinMetro is an all in one package. It is an investment platform, a trading portal, a debit card service and much more. The second venture of a highly acclaimed team, their token, XCM is in the pre-ICO sale at the moment. Now is the chance to get it at its cheapest rate.

ON.LIVE is a unique service, which allows its users to contribute in processing power and become a broadcaster of videos that present valuable content and earn from multiple modes (pay per view, pay per minute and live stream pay).  This allows B2B and B2C content to be viewed by audiences that would generally miss your videos. Lawyers, doctors, job seekers- even big businesses can promote their services and products to potential clients. Their token, the ONL is in the pre-ICO stage for the next month and is selling fast, so go ahead and check it out today.


A VR blockchain platform that gives you virtual space in the real world to buy, sell, rent and put up ads, this unique idea has recently completed its pre-ICO sale and is about to start a regular one. The company is designing its own special VR head to view your virtual estate.

We also have a few more we think you should check out:

Company Name Website
XY Oracle Network
Smart Realty
Cool Cousin
Databroker DAO
Smart Containers
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