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NBA 2K24 Badge System Full Explained – 24 New Badges

NBA 2K24 Badge System Full Explained - 24 New Badges

As we all know, 2K Games will officially release NBA 2K24 on September 8, 2023. As you start your way to this Hall of Fame, you’ll need to create your ideal build from scratch. You may notice some changes. They have tweaked several aspects of NBA 2K24, from Badge progression to how MyPlayer is created.

The new Badge system will encourage you to play to your strengths and improve players’ chances of earning NBA 2K24 MT. The developers changed some areas of Badge system and made improvements to existing Badges. Some Badges have been added or removed to bring more balance to the game.


Among them, they have added 24 new Badges to NBA 2K24. Many players wonder how to use them. Therefore, here I will explain the newly added Scoring, Ball-Handling and Passing and Defensive Badges below.


  • Float Game: Improves a player’s ability to throw floaters and run while attacking the rim.
  • Scooper: Improves the chances of players making quick tackles for layups.
  • Bunny: Jump layups and dunks increase Bunny’s shot chances.
  • Spin Cycle: Players who complete breakthroughs with spinning layups or dunks will get increased shot chances.
  • Two Step: Cradle Step, Euro Step Layup and Dunk will get shot boost through Two Step.
  • Precision Dunker: Those using the dunk technique will have a higher chance of using Precision Dunker to complete the dunk attempt.


  • Hook Specialist: The resurrected Hook Specialist can improve a player’s ability to shoot the hook in the low post.
  • Post-Fade Phenom: Similar to Hook Specialist, Post-Fade Phenom will allow players to take post-fade and shots off the post at higher speeds.
  • Open Looks: As a way to encourage burst opportunities, Open Looks will enhance players’ ability to take wide-open jumpers.
  • Spot Finder: This allows players to gain an off-ball speed boost to reach open spots, improving their chances of hitting the ball after catch.
  • Whistle: The new Whistle badge improves contact and access to the free throw line when attacking the rim or jumping.
  • Free Points: At critical moments, players can often improve the free throw percentage of the game through Free Points.
  • Bulldozer: This is a hybrid of Scoring and Ball-Handling Badge. It improves a player’s ability to get through physical contact and finish physical contact around the basket.

Ball-Handling & Passing

For Ball-Handling and Passing, we also have a surplus of new Badges to choose from.

  • Relay Passer: This powers the shooter in passing assist situations.
  • Touch Passer: Players who move quickly after catching the ball will get faster passing animations with Touch Passer.
  • Big Driver: Players driving toward the basket from inside the mid-range zone will receive an initial Big Driver boost.
  • Blow-By: With Blow-By equipped, faster ball handlers get a boost in their physical interactions with defenders.
  • Physical Handles: Players with Physical Handles have a higher chance of winning after dribbling moves.
  • Speed Booster: This will allow for faster starts in situations where the player is stationary dribbling.
  • Triple Strike: Use Triple Strike to fire at higher speeds.

All 24 New Badges EXPLAINED - YouTube


To be a champion, there must be no holes in the defense. So, it’s conceivable that Defense Badges in NBA 2K24 won’t be far behind either.

  • Fast Feet: This is seen as the defender’s “fast first step” badge, allowing defensive specialists to get in front of tricky ball handlers.
  • Right Stick Ripper: Those using Right Stick Ripper stealing mechanic will gain a boost in stealing attempts when using it.
  • Immovable Enforcer: It allows defenders to win on physical contact and contact layups.
  • 94 Feet: Players get fewer body-up stamina hits when pressing full court, and increased body-up win chance.

All Badges in NBA 2K24 and how progression works

Badge Level Upgrade

After creating a player and starting a career, Badge collection journey begins. NBA 2K24 will bring you a new Badge upgrade system. The system is designed to prove your identity on the field at the start of the game and at the end of the game.

In-game, Badge levels are determined by Badge usage. They evaluated your use and skill with Badge over time, game after game. Your Badge level will start trending towards a level that matches your game. However, your Badge will never fall below Bronze level.

Badge rating system works in this system differently than before. C-tier badges are considered the least powerful badges in the arsenal, but are easier to acquire and keep. Every time you level up, the more difficult it is to get, the faster you lose it. In order to deal with it better, you can buy NBA 2K24 MT at to get this goal.

Finally, a single-focused role player may have fewer Badges, but be at a higher level than a well-rounded player who likes to dabble in everything. Badge level advancement is also available at this Team Practice Facility, Gatorade Training Facility, and at Chris Brickley’s Gym. In each mode, you will only increase your Badge progress.


Badge Perks

Badge perks are prizes that provide various benefits for the advancement of a personal Badge, including rich 2K24 MT, cards, and tools. Each Badge perks has four slots, and each slot represents a different Badge level. Badges can only have one Badge perks applied at a time. These Badge perks include:

  • overdrive
  • Immunity
  • Drill Savant
  • Scholar
  • Winner’s Circle
  • High-Risk

Floor Setter

Floor Setters are powerful prizes earned through Season XP, and they’re included with each Season’s free Base Pass. There are 18 floor setting slots, including 9 for Silver and 9 for Gold. Adding a Floor Setter to a Badge will prevent Badge from falling below the listed Badge level.

If it has not already promoted your Badge to the level of Floor Setter you wish to apply, it will automatically be promoted to that level. They are permanent and cannot be changed. If your players can go beyond the listed Floor Setter Badge levels, they won’t be prevented from doing so.

NBA 2K24 New Badges Badge Perks


Overall, NBA 2K series of games is always committed to providing players with the most realistic simulated basketball experience. And the new Badge system is designed to eliminate meta Badge builds and open up the unique play styles for players. Really mastering this Badge system is a shortcut for you to create legendary players. Anyway, let’s look forward to NBA 2K24!

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