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Naomi Campbell’s PrettyLittleThing Debuts New Collection

PrettyLittleThing (PLT) will debut 15 new looks at New York Fashion Week (NYFW) on September 5. The show, designed by Naomi Campbell in collaboration with Edvin Thompson and Victor Anate, will be broadcast on YouTube as well. This latest initiative for the global online fashion brand has been an important milestone for the company, one that showcases Campbell’s changemaker status in the industry. 

“This collaboration is an extension of my commitment to create and promote opportunities for young, emerging designers. Within my collection, it was important to recognize and include some of the amazing talent that’s out there,” said Campbell. In the real world, this philosophy translated to bringing Edvin Thompson and Victor Anate to her team. Both of these young talents have made long strides in a short period of time. With Thompson establishing his own label in 2016 and Anate establishing his own company in 2019, the pair were able to merge their visions with that of the timeless Campbell.

The quality of the pieces speaks for themselves, with careful embellishments, fun fabrics, and reimagined classics. Campbell has already generated serious buzz by showing a sneak peek of a black minidress and a sequined number that would be right at home in a Hollywood nightclub. There are elements that honor her past, like the nods to the Versace minis that she made so popular in the 1990s, mixed in with plenty of contemporary, fashion-forward elements. 

Fans of PLT can see Edvin Thompson’s work in the off-white satin dress in the collection. This young designer has made a name for himself by combining the dancehall fashions of Kingston, where he was born, with the electrifying bubble that is New York City, where he moved when he was just nine years old. His label, Theophilio, is a tribute to where he comes from, but his pieces include some of the most cutting-edge trends in the fashion industry. He was named American Emerging Designer of the Year in 2021.

For Victor Anate’s part, he was brought in to work on the bodycon dress, an item that stuns with its celebration of the human shape. Anate is a Nigerian designer with a company in Lagos. His 2022 spring collection was bright and innovative, capturing the essence of the sun and the transformative power of the warmer weather. Anate’s talents stood out to Campbell, and she was thrilled to have him for this collection. This is her way to give people the chance to prove themselves in a sometimes cut-throat space. As she put it, “I’m very intentional about using my platform to create opportunities for the next generation of creatives from around the world.”

PLT is an online fashion brand, and these items will only be offered via the website. New York Fashion Week will showcase 15 distinct looks, but the collection will be available in various colorways. All the accessories in the show are a part of the main collection of PLT, offering plenty of ideas and inspiration to viewers. Size-inclusive as well as affordable, Campbell is stepping up in her role as a changemaker, listening to how her customers want to express themselves and using their feedback to fuel their designs.

Her team is in full agreement, and they consider the September 5 debut to be something of a turning point for the company. Chris Parnell, her Head of Design at PLT, said, “This collaboration with Naomi Campbell is a monumental moment for PrettyLittleThing. We are not just launching a new collection; we are making history with the most significant collaboration we’ve ever undertaken. We can’t wait to see our customers wearing these designs.”

Naomi Campbell spent years at the top of the industry, practically defining an entirely new profession in her sector. This collection, with its crystals, faux leather, and velvet, is more than just materials. They’re a chance for everyone to take part in the runway experience, whether they’re headed to a glamorous party or out for a regular date night. The best part is that PLT’s customers don’t need to empty their wallets to get a taste of this exclusive atmosphere. 

Campbell has been exceptionally busy in both her professional and personal. She has a new docuseries, The Super Models, coming out on Apple TV+ that explores how the modeling industry was turned on its head with the arrival of people like Naomi. Along with Christy Turlington, Cindy Crawford, and Linda Evangelista, the series runs through the changes in the fashion world. Before supermodels, the modeling industry was seen largely as a vehicle for designers to showcase their designs. The incredible women featured in the series challenged that assumption, becoming household names and setting trends by virtue of defying them. 

At home, Campbell recently welcomed a second child to her family, a newborn son, after having her daughter in 2021. As an older mother, Campbell has been vocal about everything from maternal health to societal norms. Generally a private person in her day-to-day, she still manages to advocate for her fanbase by speaking out about what it means to her to be a mother and why you should never give up on your dreams (no matter what age you happen to be).

The collection is sure to make a big stir with fans during one of the Big Apple’s most famous events. Campbell, Thompson, and Anate all look forward to seeing their designs all season long, adding some much-needed sparkle, glitz, and glam to the upcoming holidays. 

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