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Minimizing Stockouts and Overstock: The Power of Forecasting

If you run a business establishment or a sales company, you need inventory optimization to meet customers’ demands and streamline the supply chain. Inventory optimization is important because it allows you to know your readily available stock of goods for delivery and also identifies commodities that are in short supply or sold out.

By strategizing inventory optimization, you can easily keep track of stocks, which can help your supply channel. You can also use inventory forecasting software to effectively handle the demand for finished consumer goods and determine which goods need replenishment.

LinkedIn has reported, quoting the Inventory Management Software Market Report 2023-2030 prepared by Industry Research Biz, that the global demand for inventory software will likely grow organically. The report states: The global Inventory Management Software market size was valued at USD 2783.53 million in 2021 and is expected to expand at a CAGR of 9.94% during the forecast period, reaching USD 4916.27 million by 2027.

One of the biggest advantages of using such software is the ability to forecast the demand-supply scenario that may emerge in the immediate future. This can be tremendously helpful for you, as you can create your sales strategy and implement it based on the projections.

Advantages of using inventory forecasting software:

Creating your stock or inventory strategy: Demand and supply are the two parameters on which all businesses depend. If you establish your inventory policy, you can handle any emerging scenario in demand and supply. You can create a stock policy to optimize your sales.

Ranking your stock or inventory in terms of demand: The demand for different commodities you have stored varies. Some are hot-selling, while others have lukewarm demand. But all commodities are important for you as a business owner. If you are using software, you can easily rank or classify your finished consumer products based on demand.

Minimizing Stock Risk: Stocking a commodity not in high demand may not be profitable for you. On the other hand, if you stock more hot-selling items, you can profit by optimizing sales. The software can provide this information based on the ranks it has created from sales figures.

Knowing demand trends: Software can predict the upcoming market situation, including fluctuations in demand and the likely trend it will follow. This informed business decision can help you enhance the stock of a particular commodity. Such predictions can also help you streamline your supply chain management.

Assessing the performance of your suppliers: Understanding the supply-related behavioral patterns of your outsourcers and suppliers clarifies whether the concerned persons are dependable. You can change your supplier or retain them if the performance is good. In this regard, software can be very helpful to you.

These are the key benefits of using inventory software to run your business.

Problems you may face if not using inventory software:

The problem of stockpiling or overstocking: When you manage your stock position manually following old traditions, you may face this problem. At the same time, this problem can be solved by using inventory forecasting software that gives you the exact position of the stock, including providing you with a picture of the stock of fast-selling items.

Averting stockouts: Often, you run out of stock of consumer or other goods because your manual stock-taking cannot provide you with the exact picture. In such a case, you may suffer sales losses. To avoid such a situation, you must apply inventory software in your business system.

Problem of Mismanaged Data: Updating sales and stock data is crucial for your business. The software can act in an automated way once the data is fed into its system. If you manage data manually, it can go wrong. Incorrect data management can cause you business losses.

Lack of KPIs Management: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to your inventory help you make informed decisions on stocks and sales. If you use software, it can monitor KPIs automatically once you feed data. It can help you understand points of sales, stock position, and all other relevant issues.

You cannot study product-related customer behavior: As the owner of a business platform, you may be selling different commodities or products. However, customer behavior on products may vary. To understand customer demand for specific products, you should use software as it can provide you with a comprehensive picture of the product-based behavior of customers.


If you want to run your sales platform or any other business successfully, you have to understand the dynamics of demand-supply factors. Your company’s inventory rules your demand-supply factors, and your supply chain depends on it. By using software to manage your inventory, you can efficiently manage your business. Such software can help you understand the current market trend and easily forecast the future by examining the scenarios of demand and supply.

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