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Manual VS Electronic Screwdriver Kit: Which is the Best for Phone Repairing?

Electronics repair is a rather complicated work requiring high precision. Therefore, you need the right tools to help you fix various issues and save money on professional services. But how do you choose the best screwdriver kits for your needs? There are two types of screwdriver sets.: one is manual, and another is an electronic screwdriver kit. Depending on different factors, each type set has its advantages and disadvantages.

This article will compare the manual and electronic screwdriver kits and help you make an informed decision. Keep Reading!

Manual Screwdriver Kit VS. Electronic Screwdriver Kit

Screwdriver sets are tools that help you work with screws and bolts. You can use them for fun or work. Now, we’re going to compare the two types of screwdriver kits based on the 5 following factors:

  • Speed: 

An electronic screwdriver kit can make the screws turn faster than manual ones. They have a button or a trigger that you can press or squeeze. On the other hand, the manual screwdriver kit makes you turn the screws by hand. This takes more time and effort. So, electronic screwdriver kits are better for jobs with many screws or little space.

  • Accuracy:

A manual screwdriver kit can make the screws turn more smoothly than electronic ones. You can have better control. On the other hand, the electronic screwdriver that has different gears can be more adjustable to complicated situations. 

  • Reliability:

The Manual screwdriver kit can work longer and farther than electronic ones. They do not need batteries or power outlets. On the contrary, the electronic screwdriver kit might run out of power if not charged timely. 

However, they are designed to cope with different scenarios. Manual screwdrivers can take and work, but it costs much effort for the tiny bit screwing. Electronic screwdrivers are restricted to the power supply but are more reliable in complicated fixing. 

  • Cost:

Manual screwdriver kits cost less than electronic ones, as they are simpler and have fewer parts. However, an electronic screwdriver kit may cost more because they have more features and things that come with them.


Top Recommendation For Jakemy’s Precision Screwdriver Kits:

Fix or repair your cell phone quickly with Jakemy’s precision screwdriver kits. They have multiple features and accessories for any phone model. Let’s see the key advantages of its products.



  • It can fix electrical devices, precision parts, and digital products.
  • Having a strong magnetic motor and rechargeable battery.
  • This screwdriver tool kit has an LED light and a Type-C port.
  • Rust-proof S-2 steel bits.
  • Four gears for different scenarios.



  • Patented product with 145 accessories for various jobs.
  • Four types of 45mm S-2 steel deep hole bits and 116 CR-V bits.
  • Having 132 bits in total for more repairs.
  • Good for tablets, phones, fans, consoles, laptops, desktops, and small devices.



  • It’s a very light electronic screwdriver kit, weighing only 54.8g.
  • Having Type-C charging port and forward/reverse buttons for easy & fast operation.
  • Top-performance power core, like a mechanical heart.
  • 320mah long battery life.
  • Versatile usage; disassemble and transform as you like.



In summary, manual and electronic screwdriver kits have some pros and cons for repairing electronic products. You should choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. 

Jakemy is a leading provider of precision screwdriver sets and other repair tools for customers worldwide. If you are sorting reliable and highest-quality precision screwdriver kits for your business, Jakemy is here to cater to all your demands. It is because they are backed up by strong R&D investment and a professional technical team that can provide quality customization service. 


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