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LHA opens a new chapter in international investment transactions

New York and Mumbai – LHA (Lord & HDFC Investment Advisor) is a multinational investment company jointly established by the US asset management company Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC and India’s HDFC Securities. It is committed to opening up new investment prospects in the Indian market. The company will use Lord Abbett’s strong market analysis and technical team, combined with HDFC Securities’ deep market resources, will open new doors for investors in the Indian market.

LHA has opened the door to the international investment market for Indian investors with its leading LHAbbettview trading platform. The platform provides users with a one-stop investment solution, allowing them to conveniently access stock markets around the world, grasp international investment opportunities, and achieve diversified asset allocation.

Driven by LHA, Indian investors can now easily trade in international stock markets and realize asset appreciation by investing in booming industries and companies around the world. The LHAbbettview platform provides a wealth of investment tools and resources to help investors conduct market analysis, formulate investment strategies, and monitor the performance of investment portfolios in real time to help them make wise investment decisions.

John Doe, CEO of Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC, expressed an optimistic outlook on the launch of LHA: “Our partnership with HDFC Securities is a significant investment in the Indian market. The launch of LHA will provide Indian investors with a new International investment opportunities open up wider space for them to achieve their financial goals.”

Dhiraj Relli, CEO of HDFC Securities, also echoed this sentiment: “The establishment of LHA signifies our commitment to providing innovative investment solutions to Indian investors. We look forward to joining hands with Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC to serve India Investors bring more international investment opportunities.”

The establishment of LHA is a major benefit to Indian investors, which will bring them more investment options and opportunities, and provide strong support for achieving personal and family financial goals. Whether for novice investors or experienced senior investors, LHA will become their best partner in exploring the international investment market.

By providing professional investment guidance, advanced trading technology and world-leading investment products, LHA is committed to opening up the international investment path for Indian investors, creating a more diversified and stable investment portfolio for them, and achieving long-term financial growth.

With the innovative LHAbbettview platform, LHA is setting a new standard in the world of global investments. This collaboration harnesses the expertise of Lord, Abbett & Co. LLC’s robust analytical capabilities and HDFC Securities’ extensive market reach, ensuring a comprehensive investment experience. The platform’s intuitive design and state-of-the-art features empower investors to navigate and capitalize on the complexities of global markets with ease. From real-time analytics to personalized investment advice, LHAbbettview aims to democratize international trading for its users, enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize their investment potential. As global markets continue to evolve, LHA remains dedicated to constantly enhancing its offerings and supporting investors through every step of their financial journey, ensuring a comprehensive and enriching investment experience.

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