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Leaked Trending Crypto News: Sea Summit is All Set to Become the Biggest Crypto Event in the History, Led by India’s most popular crypto leader Abhyudoy Das and His Event Partner Vinay and Others

In a clandestine announcement that is sending ripples across the crypto and financial sectors, India’s top crypto influencer and leader, Abhyudoy Das, along with his business partners Vinay, has revealed plans for the Sea Summit during a private event that happened recently. According to the leaked news sources, there are some mega industry partners who have already joined this ambitious project and they were also present during the private party. This mega crypto event is aiming to become the “biggest crypto event in history” by offering an unparalleled experience on a 14-deck luxury crypto cruise with Industry’s all popular faces there. If the rumours are true, one of India’s most popular financial bodies will announce entering into crypto officially during this event itself. But who are these industry giants? Could it be Jio Financial Services, Adani Capitals, or perhaps an even more surprising contender? The answer to this tantalising question remains a closely guarded secret, keeping crypto enthusiasts on the edge of their seats.

Unprecedented Scale and Luxury

Expected to host more than 6,000 attendees, this luxurious ocean liner sets a new standard for crypto events. While the budget is not yet finalised, early reports indicate a total event cost exceeding 40 million USD (Rs 300 Crore) marking it as a grand endeavour.

Crypto On The High Sea: A Journey Begins Here

As per our exclusive sources, the Sea Summit Crypto event has already secured an impressive commitment of $5 million in sponsorship, underlining its immense potential. Moreover, insider reports have confirmed the event’s management securing a lavish cruise charter with a staggering price tag of $8 million. The crypto community’s triumph at sea is well underway, promising an unparalleled experience that is poised to redefine the essence of crypto gatherings


Diverse and Premium Line-up

The Sea Summit isn’t just remarkable in size; its lineup plan boasts an equally impressive range. With a plan of 100 global influencers, 300 internationally acclaimed speakers, 300 celebrities, 200 venture capitalists, 100 journalists, and over 1,000 crypto and finance companies planning to exhibit their innovations, the event promises a comprehensive, high-profile gathering. Adding further excitement, some of India’s most notable celebrities are already on-board in this journey.

A Unique Crypto Journey of 9 Days

Kicking off in Mumbai, the cruise will sail to Dubai for special activities before heading back to India. The itinerary promises not just insights into the crypto and financial worlds, but also a unique cultural experience, merging entertainment with education. At start-ups, attendees can expect a huge global crypto community marking their feet together for the largest finance event ever at the sea.

A Historic Milestone for Crypto Industry

The Sea Summit- Crypto is  set to break records by being the first-ever maritime event dedicated to the crypto and financial industries. The high-calibre audience it aims to attract signifies its ambition to become the biggest crypto event in history. As per the inside news, 1000 premium tickets are already pre-booked just by the vip crypto traders and holders.


By combining scale, luxury, and an unprecedented lineup of participants, the Sea Summit- Crypto is well on its way to making history in both the crypto and financial sectors. As plans continue to unfurl, the event looks set to become a milestone that could redefine how the crypto industry interacts and collaborates. It can also change the way people think about crypto.

Stay tuned for more updates as we follow the journey of what is shaping up to be the biggest crypto event in history.


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