Latest ICO Updates on VLR Token – Valorem Foundation ICO is LIVE!

The Valorem Foundation is a team led by Val Kleyman with the simple mission of eliminating high cost that lacks a commensurate measure of value. As the team has identified, mankind has evolved from tangible, quantifiable value to perceived value, which may not even be value at all yet is expensive to procure.

Therefore, this foundation is set on creating an ecosystem that brings different kinds of people together to make valued exchanges that leave them better off and ultimately add to the value of the platform as a whole.

Valorem Platform

This is the system that will bring the team’s vision to reality.

Based on ERC-20, the multilayered cryptocurrency platform will host a marketplace that allows developmental phases. The first phase focuses on micro loans (small loans), rent payments, student loans and peer-to-peer payment processing.

As trust grows on the platform, phase 2 will be implemented to cater to sales distribution, global small business investing and global commercial and residential real estate crowdfunding while the third stage will serve charity and insurance. The final phase will be dedicated to maintenance and future developments that may include additional currency adoption, feature adding etc.

Valorem ICO

Valorem (VLR) is the token offered. The exchange rate stands at 1 ETH= 1000 VLR. There is a total supply of 200 million tokens of which 150 million are available during the ICO and 50 million will be kept in reserve. Valorem will not be mined.

The ICO began on November 10, 2017 and will end on June 28, 2018 in a bid to raise a maximum of 15 million USD and a minimum of 5 million USD.

Valorem Update

The pre-sale which already ended came with a 100% bonus for all investors but that has been slashed to a 50% bonus now that the sale is in its second stage. The bonus will keep reducing till the end of the sale which is why it is imperative that investments are made now, bearing in mind that 23 million tokens have already been allocated.

As promised, a product, Microloan has gone live with the ICO still ongoing. Microloan has experienced a level of success due to the buffer that the platform has developed by spreading the loan across different individuals.

Quite recently, Valorem equally announced that it will be introducing AltCoin Exchange Program. This means that investors will be able to exchange any other cryptocurrencies they have with Valorem tokens but with a minimum value of 500 USD.

Also, Valorem has been enjoying increased recognition as it has been listed on different cryptocurrency sites such as ICO Digest, ICO Expert, BitcoinExchangeGuide among others.

Therefore, Valorem is dedicated to answering the needs of the average person and is already doing a good job at it.

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