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IT staff augmentation services can solve a number of different challenges. Once a user selects a developer through Swyply, he or she enters into a contract that outlines the scope of the project, start, and end dates, daily rates, and the number of working hours.

Using an IT staff augmentation service

Hiring an IT staff augmentation service can be a great way to get the right people for your project. While it is faster and easier than searching job boards for talented individuals, it can be costly, as it can cost up to $4000 for a single hire. By using an IT staff augmentation service, you can cut the cost and time required to hire IT staff and focus on the most important aspects of the project. One downside of hiring an IT staff augmentation service is that hiring new employees may delay the project.

Another disadvantage of hiring a staff augmentation service is that it comes with added management costs. You may need to dedicate more resources and time to the project, and you may have to deal with a higher turnover rate than if you were employing the staff in-house. Some vendors may offer to assign project managers to work alongside your remote development team. It is important to give the project manager enough time and visibility into the work of the augmented staff and keep him or her informed about the progress of each task.


The costs of IT staff augmentation vary depending on the type of professionals you hire and the service you choose. Using an IT staffing service can provide you with access to an international pool of tech talent at a lower price than hiring individuals in-house. Costs also vary depending on company operations, including payroll benefits, software licenses, and physical space.

Using an IT staff augmentation service can solve several project and business challenges, including the struggle to find the right level of developer for a project. In some cases, you may be able to find developers on the market, but they may not have the skill level required. Depending on your project and business goals, you may receive multiple CVs and conduct skill tests in order to find a good match.


The benefits of staff augmentation are clear, but there are some drawbacks as well. For example, it takes a long time to onboard and train new employees. Similarly, there is no guarantee of success with staff augmentation. Nevertheless, staff augmentation can help your company meet its short-term requirements.

Staff augmentation can be an ideal solution for companies with specific skills or projects that require a short-term solution. It also reduces the cost of hiring larger teams and integrating them into the organization. Additionally, it can help companies scale up or down rapidly when they need to.

One drawback of staff augmentation is that it requires prior knowledge of the company and project. In addition, the external staff must collect the information they need and pass it to the staff augmentation provider. Additionally, the external staff will need to be oriented with the project, which will require a lot of management time.


Whether you need IT, staff, short-term projects, or long-term needs, staff augmentation services are a great option. With this method, you can hire highly skilled individuals without the hassles of hiring them yourself. You can even take advantage of additional benefits offered by a staff augmentation service provider, such as discounts and customized schemes.

When you hire a staff augmentation service provider, you will receive a list of candidates with the right credentials and work experience. The service provider will conduct interviews and onboard the new employees. The new employees will be given company guidelines and work alongside in-house staff.


IT staff augmentation services are a way to hire hourly and part-time software engineers that are experienced in the roles you require. This method avoids the lengthy process of recruitment and enables you to fill highly-demand roles quickly and efficiently. These IT staff augmentation teams include QA engineers, PMs, and SW engineers. Your contract will specify the scope of the project, the daily rate, and the number of hours the employees are expected to work.

The augmentation process is not the right solution for every project. There are some IT teams that lack key skills and require the expertise of several specialists. In these situations, staff augmentation services can help bridge this gap by hiring temporary experts. This process is advantageous to both employers and staff augmentation providers.


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