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Is Real Madrid the Richest Club in Spain?

Real Madrid have outpaced all other clubs in terms of revenue generation over the past 22 years thanks to Florentino Perez who took control in 2009 and turned around both on-field performance as well as commercial success at their club.

They also benefit from Spain’s generous tax laws, which give Spanish clubs an edge over similar clubs from other European nations.

Real Sociedad Owner Jokin Aperribay

Real Sociedad are one of Spain’s premier clubs with many top players on its roster. Jokin Aperribay, their owner, is an esteemed businessman renowned for making multiple investments across industries – his net worth currently standing at $75 Million making him second richest LaLiga club owner.

David Moyes is the latest British manager hired by La Real, following Jagoba Arrasate and Chris Coleman. Attempts are being made to return them to continental football where they last participated in 2004 UEFA Champions League qualifying tournament.

Odriozola made two signings in 2014 – Asier Illarramendi from Manchester City and Geronimo Rulli from Rubin Kazan – but neither have established themselves within his team. Odriozola knows his playing time will be limited and may seek an opportunity elsewhere.

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Athletic Bilbao Owner Jon Uriarte

The club is not publicly traded; therefore, its ownership remains confidential. Nonetheless, many in Bilbao and Basque Country feel connected with this institution.

Athletic won multiple league titles during the 1910s under Pichichi’s legendary leadership as their goal scorer and is honored every season by receiving La Liga’s Top Scorer Award.

In the 2020-21 Copa del Rey finals, they made it all the way to Barcelona before eventually falling. Renown for only signing players from Basque country (known as One Club philosophy ) as established by General Francisco Franco’s fascist regime; no major team has followed this precedent yet.

Atletico Madrid Owner Idan Ofer

After Chinese multinational conglomerate Wanda Group sold its stake in Atletico Madrid, Israeli businessman Idan Ofer will assume partial ownership. Ofer owns Plus 500, an online stock trading platform and one of Israel’s wealthiest people. He also holds interests in XT Shipping and Ace Tankers as well as holdings in Israel Corp – publicly listed chemical, energy and shipping conglomerate

Atletico Madrid have seen renewed success under Diego Simeone. Under him, Atletico have won multiple prestigious tournaments: Europa League and Copa del Rey in recent seasons as well as their ninth La Liga title.

Sevilla Owner Jose Castro Carmona

The Sevilla Futbol Club, founded in Seville and located within Spain’s top flight La Liga competition. As one of the oldest dedicated solely to football clubs, Sevilla FC has won six times more UEFA Europa League competition than any other club worldwide.

Jose Castro Carmona ranks 10th on the list of richest owners of LaLiga teams due to his successful entrepreneurship and investments in various prominent industries.

Bengaluru, India’s hub for IT professionals, will also be utilized by the team as it plans to optimise sports performance with this approach. They recently signed an agreement with FC Bengaluru United for collaborative football technology development projects.

Barcelona Owner Joan Laporta

Joan Laporta Estruch led Barcelona to unprecedented success during his first term as president, winning six trophies during an amazing campaign. Trained as a lawyer with his own firm Laporta & Arbos that counts some well-known Spanish firms among its clientele and served as Member of Parliament for Catalonia between 2010 and 2012 (Laporta & Arbos was listed among these clients).

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In 2003 elections he wasn’t considered the front-runner, but his charisma increased dramatically over the campaign and eventually beat expected victor Lluis Bassat as expected victor. Votes were further increased thanks to an unfulfilled promise to bring David Beckham to the club; and with support from other young businesspeople like Sandro Rosell. Soon thereafter he quickly became a media celebrity.

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