Nova Blitz is Disrupting The $120 Billion Digital Gaming Market: Interview with Paul Barclay, co-founder of Nova Blitz.

Paul Barclay is the CEO of Dragon Foundry, owners of Nova Blitz; a blockchain project disrupting the $120 Billion Digital Gaming Market and giving every investor the opportunity to own a piece of the market with the Nova Token. In this interview, Paul will be discussing the Nova Blitz project and the progress so far.

1) Please tell us your name and about yourself?

Paul Barclay. I’m the CEO of Dragon Foundry, and a co-founder of Nova Token. Before Dragon Foundry, I spent 12 years working on Magic: The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons at Wizards of the Coast.

2) What is Nova blitz and the Nova Token?

Nova Blitz is the first real-time trading card game. It’s out on Steam, and in beta on iOS and Android. It’s super fun and fast-paced – you should check it out. Nova Token is a brand new cryptocurrency platform that can power any game. It allows game developers (even those who know nothing about blockchain) to give blockchain-powered in-game items to players (who need to know nothing about blockchain). When a player

3) What Inspired you to start the Nova Token project and what is the vision?

We were inspired by the fact that what we wanted to make simply didn’t exist. First, a fast-paced card game experience. And second, a blockchain system that was accessible and easy to use for anyone, even a totally non-technical person.

The vision for Nova Token is to make millions of gamers into blockchain gamers, and therefore cause blockchain to be adopted by the mass market.

4) What are the major features and services you provide at Nova Token?

Enabling game developers to create blockchain in-game items in any normal game, with no blockchain knowledge required. It opens up blockchain gaming from the current 100,000 or so users to the hundreds of millions of iOS, Android, and Steam gamers out there. For developers, we’ll be offering SDKs for Unity and Javascript, as well as a portal to enable management of games. For players, we’ll provide a portal for checking ownership of items, and a marketplace for buying/selling items. That’ll help developers too – they don’t have to create an in-game marketplace in order to take advantage of the ability to buy and sell blockchain-powered collectibles.

5) Could you tell us more about the technical and architectural side of things at Nova Token, how does it work?

There’s a REST API that anyone can integrate into their games (we’re providing Unity and Javascript SDKs to make that even easier). The back end is smart contracts on an Ethereum sidechain, so it’s 100% secure, and 100% decentralized. There’s also a web portal that developers can use to administer their games.

6) What is the market size of Gaming on Blockchain and how much of this market do you intend to capture?

That’s not our goal – the market size of blockchain gaming is tiny, maybe $100M/year or less. What we’re doing is bringing blockchain to the masses – we’re targeting the $100 BILLION gaming market, and we’re perfectly placed to power a big chunk of that market.

7) At what level of development is the Nova Token platform, what is next on your roadmap?

We’re in final development of the major components, with a release expected in mid-October. After our initial release, we’ll focus on building features requested by developers. Top on that list at the moment are the features for running in-game esports and tournaments.

8) What value will the Nova Token give to the token holders, could you tell us how it works and on what exchanges we can find the Nova Token?

Token holders will be able to stake Nova Tokens on any game on the platform. Stakers earn Nova Tokens for themselves AND Nova Tokens for the games that they stake on. Also, many games will provide additional benefits for stakers – Nova Blitz will provide free copies of cards to stakers, and other games will follow suit.

Right now, you can find Nova Token on ForkDelta, RadarRelay, and TokenJar. More to come!

9) Do you have any strategic partnerships and investors you will like to share with us, any available opportunities at Novablitz?

We’re hiring for Unity, NodeJs, and Solidity developers! Drop us a line if you’re a good fit!

10) Could you tell us about the Nova Token team and advisory board?

We’ve put together a distributed team of designers and developers – it’s great being a virtual company because we can hire talent anywhere in the world. Our advisors include Richard Garfield, who’s helped a ton on game design and token economics, and Skaff Elias, who’s an absolute wizard when it comes to in-game economies.

11) Would you like to discuss your legal and security plans with us?

Our legal plans are simple – we don’t need to push the limits of the law, so we’re not at any legal risk here. Security-wise, we’ve made the decision to use shared blockchains, rather than rolling our own (remember, kids – don’t roll your own crypto…). That ensures a high level of security for users.

12) Do you have more information for our readers?

Check out for more details, and join our Telegram to follow the absolute latest updates (including sneak peeks of upcoming releases)

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