Interview with the CEO of Finamatrix Dr Lanz Chan on FIX Token.

Dr Lanz Chan is the founder, CEO and Chief Scientist of Finamatrix A.I. based in Singapore. He has 20 years experience in the industry and was an ex-UBS and JP Morgan banker. He also worked for one of the oldest hedge funds in Hong Kong and developed the China fund markets. Founded in 2006, Finamatrix is a risk-cybernetics specialist, focused in financial markets. Their technology is applied to reduce risks in financial transactions and other areas such as reducing the number of accidents or reducing the probability of errors. In this interview, Dr. Lanz shares with us the success stories of Finamatrix and the ongoing Token sale of their FIX Token;

What is FIX Token?

Dr Lanz : FIX cryptocurrency by Finamatrix is a leading risk management decentralized Blockchain project that provides owners access to the AI-driven portfolio and to the integrated services of Finamatrix. FIX does not need to be mined and does not have complicated processes since it is on the Waves blockchain. Clients of course, can choose to mine and help in the validation of the Waves blockchain, which supports FIX. FIX represents the true meaning of mass adoption and convenient value for the crowds. The Waves Blockchain is highly scalable and offers extremely fast transactions.

The FIX token is currently trading at about 0.58 USD on Waves at the time of this interview, why will the value of FIX Token grow?

Dr Lanz : FIX value will increase as it is backed by growing asset values owned by Finamatrix. Finamatrix has a growing client base and more funds will be managed by the group. Finamatrix invests in safe arbitrage and relative-value trading strategies with low risk, and has partnered with Brilliant Erdenes group which owns physical gold and copper mines valued over $800 million. Finamatrix uses its technology to increase the value of its total portfolio, thereby providing support for FIX tokens. We will also be signing on new partnerships which will add value to our portfolio.

Where Can Traders find FIX Token and how can FIX increase liquidity and volume?

Dr Lanz : FIX can be found in FIX will be listed in other exchanges to allow other traders access to FIX. We are evaluating the efficiency of other exchanges so as to increase liquidity and trading volume in a fair, consistent, responsible and sustainable way. We are particularly concerned with exchanges that have prior hacking incidents as we regard our clients interest at the highest level.

You are conducting  private sales online and at physical events in Singapore, how is it going so far?

Dr Lanz : Yes, we are preparing dedicated events in Singapore and we welcome those interested to join us for our free events. These events are mainly to educate the public on what our Blockchain project is all about. As we finalize our institutional and government contracts, we will like to offer clients an opportunity to grow with us, at the same time raise more capital to help us improve our technology and infrastructure to better service our clients. Our capital raise hard cap is at $30 million and we are about halfway there for our committed order book.

FIX recently won Best AI Tech Firm 2018 Award by UK AI Global Media, how excited are you about this achievement?

Dr Lanz : We are extremely pleased to receive this award. We appreciate the recognition and are committed to continually improve our offerings.

How can FIX Token Holders Profit if they invest now and What makes FIX different from the other Cryptocurrencies?

Dr Lanz : If customers buy FIX directly from Finamatrix, they will receive a discount from the market with our PROMO codes. Plus there is a 100% refund policy from their buy-in price (minus bank charges if any and we allow quarterly applications after audits only). We also offer to the top 10% of FIX owners profit-sharing of up to 50% from our quarterly audited net profits as a form of a loyalty program. Before FIX is listed on major exchanges, the price of FIX should be rather attractive at lower volumes. Once trading volume increases, the tendency is for prices to escalate. With this structure, FIX offers owners upside potential with no downside. Coupled with our value proposition of risk reduction on the decentralized Blockchain, clients will increasingly adopt FIX as a mainstream cryptocurrency with a decentralized ledger yet managed by a responsible and trusted risk management team with a history of proven success.

What are the steps for investing in FIX Token and Where do you see FIX Token in the next 5 years??

Dr Lanz : Start by registering at

We are securing a government contract and we foresee ourselves to be busy fulfilling the contract among other projects. We will be working with the best blockchain projects in the marketplace to offer a world-class, integrated and comprehensive solution for institutions and governments. We cannot make predictions but we can expect FIX prices to be stable and above our ICO price of 0.10 USD.

What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

Dr Lanz : Through regular media updates and channels, we will reach out to communicate with the public on their concerns and how we could further help them. We are also open to new partnerships which help build and champion new value in the Blockchain space.

Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Dr Lanz : Yes. Since we are based in Singapore we had to communicate with the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) and abide by its guidelines. The MAS will only regulate crypto exchanges and hence we chose Waves as the first exchange because Waves has already partnered with Deloitte (leading audit firm) and has started the ball rolling with MAS.  Hence, we are comfortable legally and with blockchain wallet security of Waves, which has no known vulnerabilities to date compared to the other wallets.

Would you like to tell us about your support team and customer service at Finamatrix?

Dr Lanz : Our team has a total of 14 persons and growing. It is made up of the core team and advisory team. Our support and customer service team usually respond and solve any problems within 24 hours.

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