Interview with the CEO of e-Pocket on the EPT Token Sale

Tapha Faye is the Founder & CEO of e-Pocket, a serial entrepreneur with a huge passion for technology and has been involved in a number of technology projects and start-ups that did very well over the years. He will be sharing the e-Pocket blockchain project with us in this interview;

1) Hi Tapha, could you tell us about your focus areas ?

Tapha : My area of focus is mainly technology, not only because I have the passion and the skills, but I do believe that smart technologies are a living proof of human ingenuity and instinctive ability to come up with new ways to make life easier.  I believe it is the only way forward if we truly want to take control and bridge the inequality gap between people and places.  Today you have people dangerously crossing the Mediterranean heading to some other places seeking for better opportunities.  What if those opportunities could come to them rather than them going to seek for it elsewhere, this might just be the answer to make them more productive in their own countries. Imagine if they had access to a common platform which allows them to exchange the value they are creating in their own countries with the rest of world and get paid for it what they deserve to be paid? I believe if we manage to achieve this, it will decentralize human productivity which will help those struggling countries and we will slowly start seeing a total eradication of economic migration as we know it today.  At e-Pocket this is one issue among others that we are committed to address and the only way to do this, is through smart and great technologies.

2) How did you get the idea to launch a Blockchain and cryptocurrency business?

Tapha : I believe blockchain is a technological revolution that can be compared to when the world wide web went live in 1991, the opportunities are many and the needs are great.   Improving our current financial system that have failed so many people for so long is just a stepping stone to what can be achieved with blockchain, we can truly leverage on blockchain to provide new models for how to accomplish great things with technology.  

3) You described e-Pocket as everything You need is in your e-Pocket, what are the exciting features in this Blockchain?

Tapha :  e-Pocket is a system that can be linked to API’s of different forms to execute all kind of services, it is a hub with a robust financial infrastructure as a foundation and it is also a market place that can link people across the world to exchange all kind of goods and services.

-You can safety store, buy, sell and exchange all your cryptocurrencies either with fiat money or with other cryptocurrencies. Our cryptocurrency exchange is a decentralised open market run by all members of the e-Pocket ecosystem, they can buy & sell or exchange their cryptocurrencies among them without the associated high fees and lack of control, as it’s all seating on top of the blockchain and can’t be hacked.

-e-pocket have a billing system that allows people to pay their bills and for companies to efficiently collect their monies in crypto or fiat and the entire process is much more flexible and simple.

-we also have a ticketing system that allows ticketing companies or event organisers to launch events and tickets for sale on the e-Pocket app to reach our users, to do that they will have access to an independent portal totally under their control provided to them by us, they can post tickets, cancel tickets, decide on intervals about when the event ticket sale should go live on the app and when to stop it while its live so on.

-We have payment solutions that allow businesses to accept payment in fiat or crypto faster and cheaper, they can also be aware of how their businesses are performing on the go, through the app with live payment updates, this create transparency and flexibility.

-The e-Pocket decentralised market place is another feature designed to bridge different parts of the world, flexible payment options, more exposure for businesses regardless of where they are located in the world, more options and competitive prices for consumers.  This is a chance to give more option to businesses and help them to be able source raw material in places they would never thought they could reach and build connections with peoples and for those remote places to have the ability to join a truly connected world and expose their products to the rest of the world while they can also have access to what other parts of the world have offer.

4) About EPT Token, how does it work?

Tapha : The e-Pocket Token EPT is a tradable digital asset that beside the fact that it can appreciate in value, it also has a practical use within the e-Pocket ecosystem.  It can be stored in the e-pocket wallet and be exchanged or traded for goods and services within the e-Pocket marketplace.

5) What makes EPT Token ICO launch different from the others?

Tapha : This project is very different from what you see in the market today, we have a working product that is nearly completed, and we are pushing very hard to launch it by March this year. We have been investing our own money and working day & night to make this project come to life before we even started this ICO.  Our platform is a peer to peer system, so the e-Pocket tokens have a practical use within the e-Pocket ecosystem.  It will be used to enable fast and very low-cost money transfer in places like Africa and this will massively benefit the token holders in profit gain as the demand increase. The EPT limited supply is also a very attractive investment opportunity.  We have just released the necessary amount of coin that can be put in use without an exaggeration of the monetary aspect, out of all the ICO I know we are the only ones raising the lowest amount, exactly the amount needed to complete the work.

6) How can EPT Token Holders Profit from EPT Token if they invest?

Tapha : The EPT have a very limited total supply only 64 million tokens, the EPT token can appreciate in value as a tradable digital asset since it will be available on the exchanges.  Its practical use within the e-Pocket ecosystem will also increase the demand beside the exchanges, and the fact that we have an airdrop rewards system that also allows tokens holders to gain from the performance of the e-pocket system, this makes it a very attractive investment opportunity for those looking for a good project to invest in and make profit.

7) What are the steps for investing in EPT Token?

Tapha :  Investing in EPT is a very simple and easy process. You can buy the EPT token either by sending the amount you want to pay from your myetherwallet to our smart contract or if you are new to crypto and don’t know where to start you can pay with your credit card.   All the necessary steps are available from our website

8) Can e-Pocket be seen as the next big thing for the Payments Market?

Tapha : We truly believe that e-Pocket will be the next big thing, and this is not only about the payments market but seeing where technology is today and how it is exponentially transforming the global market in terms of how peoples exchange value.  E-Pocket is more than a mobile payment platform, this is just one aspect of what we are doing, but the true nature of our system is a connection hub for value exchange.

9) What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

Tapha : There is a lot of development work involved in launching an ICO, everything needs to be built from scratch and we also had going work on the e-Pocket software at the same time.  It is just a lot of work.

10) Where do you see e-Pocket after ICO and in the next 5 years?

Tapha : The thing I am the proudest of about e-Pocket is our team, it is a great mix of people who have done amazing things in their lives before they end up here at e-Pocket.  Everyone is driven by a sense of purpose and willingness to be useful to society, the vision is clear and we all believe that it is worth achieving.  So, I surely see e-Pocket operating in most countries across the globe within the next 5 years and our token will gain massive value due to a constant demand and the performance of the e-Pocket software.

11) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

Tapha : We have a very competent marketing team and we are currently building a massive sales team in Australia alone, the sales team will be divided in two big groups, one will focus on business customer acquisition and the other one will focus on mass adoption and face to face brand ambassadors.  This is without taking in to consideration our online marketing and sales campaigns.  There is a lot going on in this area to make sure we maximise our productivity and drive the business forward.

12) Would you like to talk about your legal and security measures?

Tapha : Well, we have a legal team that looks after all the necessary processes in terms of partnerships, regulations according to the laws and as far as security goes, it has been our main priority since the start of this project and this is due to the nature of our product and what we are trying to achieve.  We have inbuilt security features within the e-Pocket system and we are also working in partnership with third party security to make sure we create a safe environment for all our users.

13) Do you have more information for our readers?

Tapha : The only thing I can say is that e-Pocket is a start up to look out for and the EPT is a good investment opportunity not to be missed for those looking for a great project to invest in!

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