Interview with CEO of SnapCity on SNPT Token Sale.

Daniel Graaf, the Director and CEO of SnapCity is a First Class Computer Science Graduate from Imperial College London. He worked for hedge funds and proprietary trading firms across Europe as a developer, mostly developing low-latency C++ trading applications. According to him, the idea of SnapCity came when he was travelling in Barcelona, and his friend who lived there was able to show him some of the forgotten sights in Barcelona which most tour guides would skip over.  In this interview, he will explain how SnapCity will help people discover these places and still get rewarded while doing that.

1) What is SnapCity?

Daniel : SnapCity aims to make travelling even more fun and adventurous by letting travellers complete challenges in cities across the world. These challenges are set by SnapCity, the user’s friends or the general public. SnapCity is much better than just a tour guide, where everybody is shown the same sights.

2) How did you get the idea to launch a Blockchain and cryptocurrency business like SnapCity?

Daniel : The Blockchain is a truly revolutionary technology, which we haven’t seen the likes of since the internet. Blockchain is likely to change many industries where centralisation and opaqueness typically ruled.  Finance and commerce are two areas that are starting to be disrupted already with several ICOs all reporting to solve the same issue, SnapCity on the other hand is the first of it’s kind, by disrupting the tourism industry (worth $7.2tn annually). With SnapCity you have the opportunity to participate in an ICO that is unlike all before it, and benefit from it too.

3) You described SnapCity as latest geo-location adventure and discovery app, how does this work?

Daniel : Users are challenged to complete challenges in cities around the world. The challenges are created by SnapCity, the user’s friends or the general public. The user completes challenges by taking a photo or video of the challenge. Users are rewarded in SnapTokens for completing challenges. Users can then redeem these SnapTokens in local businesses such as restaurants and bars.

4) What makes SnapCity Crypto ICO different from the others?

Daniel : Our team is our most valuable asset. We are a team of ex-Google and Palantir software developers and although we are talented, we are also extremely passionate about SnapCity. Our goal is to dramatically change tourism and the way that we travel. Our close connection with Imperial College London and the contacts that that gives us is also extremely valuable. We are very ambitious at SnapCity, don’t miss this opportunity to become a crypto whale!

5) How much do you intend to raise in the SNPT Token Sale?

Daniel : Our hard cap is 4000ETH and the soft cap is 200ETH, if we fail to reach the soft cap, then the ETH will be returned to participants.

6) How can SNPT Token Holders Profit from SnapCity  if they invest now?

Daniel : If you participate before the 13/01/2018, the you will receive an extra 10% bonus. Additionally, you will be one of the first people to try SnapCity when it goes live later this year.

7) What are the steps for investing in SNPT Token?

Daniel : Simply transfer ETH to the following contract address: 0x722180f08646A73f744f33eD66fD3C990DC6a78B

The price of SnapTokens is 25,000 SNPT = 1 ETH. The SnapTokens will then be transferred to your Ethereum wallet usually within 30 seconds. If you purchase tokens before the 13th of January you will be eligible for 10% bonus tokens.

8) Would you like to share the exchanges where SNPT Token will be traded?

Daniel : We are in talks with several exchanges about listing SnapTokens, we are not currently able to share which exchanges this will be. It is likely that we will be listing on CoinExchange as a first stepping stone.

9) Can SnapCity be seen as the next big thing for the travel industry?

Daniel : Absolutely, we consider Pokemon Go and The Priceline Group to be our main competitors. Pokemon Go generated $950m of revenue for Niantic in 2016, and The Priceline Group had a market cap of $87bn (as of May 2017). Should SnapCity have a market cap of just $1bn then the tokens will be trading at $5 per SnapToken.

How we aim to do this is through leveraging our partnerships with businesses such as EasyJet. We have been in negotiations with EasyJet and will be featuring in their in-flight magazines and boarding passes to selected destinations after the ICO.

10) What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

Daniel : The biggest challenge has certainly been promoting our message. What we have discovered is that even with the best idea in the world, if nobody knows about it, then it’s useless. As such we have learnt a lot through the process of launching the ICO about promoting ourselves and driving audiences to the website. We are now very active on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube and are using Google Analytics to monitor the results.

11) Where do you see SNPT Token after ICO and in the next 5 years?

Daniel : We aim to release the MVP within the first few weeks after the ICO. After that, we will be launching SnapCity across Europe. At this stage we aim to have a minimum of 25,000 users. We already have 3,000 users registered to try SnapCity when the app is launched. In the next 5 years, our goal is simple. To become the largest and most popular game on the iOS and Android stores. We aim to become one of the largest social platforms and that the number of users using SnapCity will reach hundreds of millions or even billions.

12) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

Daniel : We currently use Facebook and YouTube. We will be publishing the most popular challenges each week on our YouTube channel and we will make it very easy to share challenges on both Twitter, Facebook and YouTube from within SnapCity, so that our message can be spread quickly through these mediums. Additionally, we will have targeted advertising through EasyJet and our partner businesses.

13) Do you have more information for our readers?

Daniel : We are very active on BitcoinTalk (,

Facebook ( and

Twitter (, so be sure to leave us a comment, like our Facebook page or tweet us.

Additionally, if you’d like to contact us, you can email ( or join our Telegram group (

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