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Interview with CEO of OBIZCOIN on OBZ Token Sale

Mr. NIKHIL AGARWAL is the CEO of ObizCoin, he has an MBA (International Business & Finance) from Leicester University, United Kingdom. Nikhil is the founder of “Your Retail Coach“, and will be telling us more about his blockchain and cryptocurrency project; Obizcoin.

1) Can you please tell us a bit about yourself?

Sure. I have done my MBA (International Business & Finance) from Leicester University, United Kingdom.

Have started our parent company, Your Retail Coach, 05 years back. We have been pioneers in designing SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) for B-C Industry.

2) What is the Meaning of OBIZCOIN?

The word “OBIZ” means, “Organized Business”.

Our solutions help you organize and manage your business better – Pleasevisit the Obizcoin website.

3) How did you get the idea to launch a Blockchain and cryptocurrency business like OBIZCOIN?

    1. YRC is a business process consulting brand of parent company MCPL, enabling businesses to organize and  grow.
    2. With the advancement in technology, YRC aimed at taking its already successful business model to a new level of technological advancement by developing Smart Process BOTs with the help of blockchain & AI technology.

4) You described OBIZCOIN as Smart Process Automation BOT Based on Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Technology, how does this work?

Role of AI

With AI, we aim to make the business processes intelligent.

BOT will be capable of developing and improvising business processes with the help of AI.

Processes designed shall be in parallel with the company’s strategic and operational goals.

In a competitive environment where technology is rapidly changing, the continuous improvement of business processes becomes one of the critical success factors for companies to succeed.

BOT’s ability to self-learn is addressed by AI capabilities

When the judgement required or decision making is more complex? There might be 20 or 50 different criterias to consider, all with different weightages.

Some could be more relevant for some customers, and for others,certain criteria could be completely irrelevant.

This is where another type of AI, usually called ‘cognitive reasoning’, can be used to support and augment the BOT processes.

The relevant decisions made through AI, can be more effective, improving turnaround time and customer satisfaction.

This is why, its not just an application, it’s a virtual CEO

Role of Blockchain

Obizcoin’s Smart Process BOT shall automate businesses processes. A business requires several agreements within the organization between employee and employers as well external agencies. These agreements will be executed through smart contracts making the relations between stakeholders transparent.

In Most organizations, employers are unhappy that employees are not performing and employees are unhappy that employers are not rewarding.

Obizcoin’s decentralized platform is the solution for this.

Obizcoin BOT helps in Performance Analysis of employees.

As per the performance, employees would be rewarded. BOT will bring transparency in the organization & rewards would be distributed through smart contracts. 
Our decentralized Blockchain Platform shall also be used to store Client’s business data, which is extremely confidential.

So, with the help of blockchain technology, we shall make this platform secure and transparent.

5) What makes OBIZCOIN Crypto ICO different from the others?

OBIZCOIN ICO is different in a lot of ways;

1) Unlike numerous ICO’s which only have a website and a whitepaper, OBIZCOIN is backed by a real business YRC.

YRC’s business model is operational and profitable by parent company YRC since last 5 years with double digit CAGR

So its basically advancement in technology in the existing solutions provided by the company instead of mere concept on paper.

2) Most ICO’s we see today are focused mainly in gaming, gambling or trading exchanges.

OBIZCOIN is a unique ICO focused on B2B business process development.

3) A stage above “Concept”

OBIZCOIN has the access to the rich IP and domain expertise gathered over the years by parent company YRC. So OBZICOIN is able to understand its,

  • MOAT
  • Core Competency of business
  • Not to jump in on any service offering but to stay focused on organizing business services which are its strengths.
  • A dedicated and experienced team
  • Business is scalable and flexible to adapt technological advancements

6) How much do you intend to raise in the OBZ Token Sale?

$15 Million

7) How can OBZ Token Holders Profit from OBIZCOIN  if they invest now?

Incremental Profit Sharing

We believe that the best way to reward our token holders is to share our profits with them.

Profits we offer will be incremental in nature starting from 30% in the first year, going up to 50% in the third year of operations.

The collection that we generate will deposited in our sales pool wallet. Profits will be distributed automatically from this wallet every month to our token holders through smart contracts.

Monthly Buy back and destruction of tokens.

Buyback and destruction of tokens will reduce the number of tokens in circulation which can increase the value of remaining tokens. We will conduct this process to reward our token holders.

We are also offering a Minimum Guarantee of 1% per month on the amount invested by our Token Holders.

8) What are the steps for investing in OBZ Token?

  • We accept investments in the following modes:
    • ETH
    • BTC
  • For investors willing to invest in ETH, they need to deposit ETH to our myetherwallet address: 0x5781B54d7C663D69e0Df47C9066f88f4995CE4BA. The tokens shall be transferred in their myetherwallet through smart contract immediately.
  • For investors willing to invest in BTC, they need to deposit BTC to our wallet address: 3DgJ3dMU9Pvg2wCr3zYdJTpq28ozATXPcn

9) Would you like to share the exchanges where OBZ Token will be traded?

Our listing is confirmed on NEBULA.

We are talking to 5 exchanges including reliable and popular exchange like bitttrex. Exchanges list shall be updated on the website soon.

10) Can OBIZCOIN be seen as a game changer for Startups and SMEs?

Yes, definitely.

OBIZCOIN is aiming to tap the untapped segment of businesses. SME’s and MSME’s have exponential potential to grow if provided with good knowledge base and business domain expertise.

Just as how crucial it is for startups to gain access to credit and financing in initial stages of their business, managing the business efficiently to run operations smoothly and make organization scalable is that much important.

This helps them compete with their large scale counterparts who are rich in resources, business domain knowledge.

11) Where do you see OBZ Token after ICO and in the next 5 years?

From Investor Point of View:

We see OBIZCOIN in a dominant position in the B2B consulting market having first movers advantage and a large target market which is scalable beyond boundaries of any nation. This naturally should have a good impact on the profitability of business which inturn will generate value for tokenholders in terms of capital appreciation and profit sharing.

From Utility Point of View:

There will be multiple utility of OBIZCOIN tokens in the market since these tokens shall be used to avail access to OBZ platform and buy and sell services in OBZ by business consultants across the globe. OBIZCOIN tokens will also be used to avail services and products offered by partner vendors like software vendors, training partners, other business support services.

For more information on the ICO, please visit –

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