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Interview with CEO of Tap Coin on TTT Token Sale.

Haniff Knight is one of the co-founders of the Tap Project. He has always been invovled in the gaming industry both as a gamer and founder of a small localized gaming/media company and is proud of his achievments. With a background in communications and technology and haven previously developed a multiplatform streaming/incentive application, Haniff is working on Tap Coin (TTT), a Blockchain and Cryptocurrency project focusing on the Gaming Industry. He will tell us more about the TTT coin in this interview ;

1) What is the Meaning of Tap Coin?

The Tap coin is a utility token that allows gamers to convert their in-game earned and premium currencies to Tap Coin. When we created the Tap Coin and discussed its meaning, we wanted to focus and create something that would also be seen as disruptive. We wanted to “Tap” into the gaming market in a dramatic way, hence the Tap Coin.

2) How did you get the idea to launch a Blockchain and cryptocurrency business like Tap Coin?

With the emergence of the Ethereum Blockchain and smart contracts the team saw an opportunity to keep the essence of what we wanted to do, which was provide something innovative in the gaming space, but yet create something that has never been seen or done before. We asked ourselves, as a gamer, what is something that you should have had the ability to do within games from day one. And the concept, idea, the goal that we created was the Tap Project and Tap Coins. Smart contracts and the blockchain have created an opportunity for the project and has the capabilities to change the world, creating better and expansive systems and the team is set to push the Tap Coin as the most dominating project.

3) What makes Tap Coin Crypto ICO different from the others?

The Tap Coin ICO is different than any other ICO because we pride ourselves on listening to what the community has to say. Throughout the ICO we have received feedback through our telegram, email or social media in regards to the project. We have taken the time to think about all suggestions and implemented a few, to the surprise and happiness of the community. For example, the community requested incentives for Community Partners and to build a relationship with non-businesses. We took that to the team and within a short while announced the Tap Community Partnership. We really are for the community of gamers, crypto enthusiasts and all alike. Additionally, at no point do we provide investors with a clouded vision on the project or the idea. We are frank, transparent and do admit that there may be some big uphill battles but we are poised to overcome.

4) How much do you intend to raise in the TTT Token Sale?

We have completed our early contribution of 400K USD and intent to raise a maximum of 8.2 Million USD.

5) What are the steps for investing in TTT Token?

We wanted to ensure that the steps to invest in TTT are easy and quick. Therefore, when users contribute they receive TTT immediately into their wallets. Users require ETH to participate. Just visit and input the crowdsale address into your Ethereum wallet (ie: MEW, MetaMask) and send any amount of ETH. There is no minimum limit to contributing.

6) Can Tap Coin be seen as the Game changer for the gaming industry?

– The Tap Coin intends on being the game changer in the industry. Currently there are several other tokens that are trying to dive into the gaming space, however, some of their focus is around in game assets and exchange. The Tap Coin’s main focus is to allow a conversion between in game earned and premium currencies. To the team the digital asset space is one that is crowded and has many players. However, currently there is an “untapped” market for meta currency for in-game usage that we can foresee ourselves exceeding critical mass when it comes to adoption. As our slogan states, “Fueled by gamers, inspired by the community, disruptive to all.”

7) What were some of the biggest challenges you encountered while working to launch your ICO?

To be honest some of our biggest challenges were marketing and exposure for the project. The true use case for ICO’s were to provide an ability for innovative. To allow startups to raise funds and develop impactful technology. However, we have seen some major ICO’s take an already existing product, push a heavy amount of capital into marketing and label it an “ICO” just merely to gain additional funds and capital. We pride ourselves on being very grass roots and truly authentic in our approach. We currently have not raised the “largest in ICO History” but have made an impact on the ground and continue to pave the way.  

8) Where do you see TTT Token after ICO and in the next 5 years?

In the next 5 years we really see the Tap Coin being a major and dominant force in the universal in-game currency sphere. The gaming industry is fractured and in some cases developers and platforms refuse to co-exist and operate in a joint space. With grit and determination the Tap Coin can truly bridge this gap and provide a true universal gaming experience.

9) What are your marketing and sales strategies to achieve that?

We are currently using several different approaches to ensure the best success for the project. We currently offer indie and first developer’s incentive for adopting the Tap Coin and using the platform. We understand that for indie developers marketing and exposure of your game can be hard to come by and an expensive task. We want to create the space that allows both indie and AAA developers to exceed expectations. Seeing as the Tap Coin is built off of Ethereum, it is important to look at the Project in two spheres. Cryptocurrencies and Gaming spheres. It is important to ensure that there is work and exposure in both spheres as the coin traverses both worlds. To focus on merely one aspect would be a downfall to the coin itself. Without giving too much, we plan on ensuring this space is changed forever, and want to ensure that the Tap Coin is positioned to be the most dominant in-game currency in the industry.

10) Do you have more information for our readers?

The Tap Project is excited to announce that we will be partnering with award winning international developers, Juego Studios. This partnership will introduce an exclusive mobile game that will pave the way for converting in-game currency to cryptocurrency through the Tap Platform. This also allows for the completion of the Tap Platform SDK plugin for Unity and Unreal Engine SDK plugin

For more information on the Tap coin token sale, please visit :

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