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Announcing International Veterans Day – March 3rd

Join us in expanding our celebration of valor beyond borders with the inaugural International Veterans Day℠ on March 3rd! As part of our ongoing commitment to honor the courage and sacrifices of veterans worldwide, we are thrilled to introduce a new global observance proudly under the congressionally honored National Invest In Veterans Week® brand. This day is dedicated to recognizing the diverse experiences and contributions of veterans from all nations.

Celebrate With Us:

  • Engage Globally: Learn about the unique stories of veterans from different countries through our featured content and events.
  • Connect Locally: Participate in community gatherings and virtual events to connect with veterans and supporters around the world.
  • Support Veteran Causes: Extend your support by engaging with international veteran charities and organizations featured on our platform.

This March 3rd, be a part of something bigger. Stand with us as we acknowledge the unity and shared experiences of veterans globally. For more details on how you can be involved, visit International Veterans Day – March 3.

Let’s make history together by bringing the world closer in our appreciation for those who have served.

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International Veterans Day is observed each year on March 3rd. This day is dedicated to honoring both past and present veterans who have served internationally, recognizing their significant contributions to the global community. 

According to the Combat Wounded Veteran Challenge, there are over 2.5 million post-9/11 military veterans, which represent less than 1% of the population. Among them, 80% have served time in an overseas combat zone. Over 2 million of these veterans served in Afghanistan and Iraq, with deployments constituting about one-third of their service time, and 60% are under the age of 34.



HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalVeteransDay

Celebrate the day by recognizing internationally living and serving veterans. Want to show your support for veterans during International Veterans Day? Consider the following tips:

Promote internationally serving veterans on social media platforms.

  • Support businesses worldwide that are owned by veterans.
  • Organize international workshops to provide veterans with access to benefits and resources.
  • Offer discounts, organize fundraisers, provide complimentary services, and hold award ceremonies specifically for international veterans.
  • Form partnerships with brands focused on international veteran support.
  • Arrange gatherings for veteran-owned businesses in allied countries.
  • Mentor veterans who are living internationally.
  • Use social media platforms to enhance the recognition and celebration of International Veterans Day.
  • Lobby international legislators to officially recognize and honor veterans on this day.
  • Engage with the broader mission of International Veterans Day by visiting Invest in Veterans Week.

Share your favorite veteran entrepreneur or veteran business on Social Media using #InternationalVeteransDay.


International Veterans Day, observed annually on March 3rd, is imbued with significant historical events that resonate with its global commemorative spirit. This date was chosen not only for its importance in U.S. history but also for its representation of broader international military values. On March 3, 1931, the United States formalized “The Star-Spangled Banner” as its national anthem, a song written during a key moment of international conflict, the War of 1812. The anthem’s lyrics, inspired by the sight of a U.S. flag surviving a British bombardment, symbolize resilience and unity—qualities universally admired in military veterans worldwide.

March 3 also marks the creation of the Federal Naval Reserve in 1915, an institution that underscores the importance of preparedness and strategic reserve forces, which many nations rely on for defense and international peacekeeping. The readiness and dedication demonstrated by such reserve forces reflect the values that International Veterans Day aims to honor globally.

Moreover, the historical significance of March 3 extends to the first amphibious landing operation by American forces in 1776 during the Battle of Nassau, a pivotal moment in naval military history. This event not only highlights the strategic military initiatives often necessary in international conflicts but also celebrates the courage and innovative spirit of military forces engaging in operations far from their home shores.

By celebrating International Veterans Day on this date, we honor not just those who have served in any one country’s military, but all those around the world who have contributed to international security and peace. This day, promoted as part of National Invest In Veterans Week®, encourages global recognition of and investment in veterans’ welfare and development, reinforcing a commitment to support those who have served on an international scale.

Isn’t Veterans Day on November 11th? Why is International Veterans Day set for March 3rd instead? 

March 3rd has been selected as the date for International Veterans Day to establish a unified global observance that honors veterans from every nation, surpassing the limitations of individual national histories. This date facilitates a broader recognition and appreciation for the sacrifices and service of veterans worldwide. Jeff Shuford spearheaded this initiative and strategically acquired domain names like,,,, and, addressing a prominent gap in veteran advocacy. While many nations, including several of the United States’ allies, commemorate their veterans on November 11th, the ceremonies and their designations vary. March 3rd was chosen as it does not coincide with these existing veterans’ days, thereby serving as a unifying date for an inclusive international celebration.

Historical Context and Connection to National Invest In Veterans Week: 

International Veterans Day was established in 2024 by Iraq War veteran Jeff Shuford, under the guidance of LTC Rickey L. Pope, USA (Ret.), and with strategic advisement from Lonnell McCall II and NFL legend Drayton Florence. The day was created with the objective of empowering the global community to support and invest in the international veteran population. This commitment involves honoring their sacrifices, investing in their educational development, and enhancing their mental health empowerment on a worldwide scale. International Veterans Day is promoted as part of National Invest In Veterans Week®, which acts as the parent initiative and focuses on a broader range of support and investment in veterans’ welfare and development. The same year marked the introduction of international domain names designed to provide localized support to veterans across various nations. These include:,,,,, and to expand International Veterans Day – Veterans.International.

National Invest In Veterans Week® History: 

The congressionally honored National Invest In Veterans Week® precedes the establishment of International Veterans Day and was created to encourage a week-long observance focused on increasing support and investment in the lives of veterans. This week aims to highlight and address the needs of veterans through advocacy, education, and public awareness initiatives, effectively setting the stage for the specific celebration of International Veterans Day within its framework. This broader observance underscores the importance of community support, legislative advocacy, and economic opportunities for veterans, both domestically and internationally.

The Registrar at National Invest In Veterans Week® proclaimed the celebration in April of 2024 to be observed March 3rd, annually.


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