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Inside the Mind of the Tech Entrepreneur Who Mastered the Art of Fundraising

In the competitive world of tech entrepreneurship, Robin Salimans, the visionary founder of, is making his mark.

With a background in technical engineering, and marketing, as well as a keen eye for disruptive technologies, he is rewriting the script for sales software. 

Salimans capabilities have not gone unnoticed. He has attracted the attention of investors and industry leaders alike, ensuring fundraising for his startup and securing over $2.5 million to date for his groundbreaking venture. 

“The most exhilarating aspect of working in this field is the ability to dream up ideas and actualize them,’ says Salimans. 

“Being at the cutting edge of AI software sales development is tremendously thrilling, particularly as it swiftly evolves.” is not just another sales software startup. Salimans, who is the Co-Founder and Chief Technical Officer,  is determined it will disrupt the landscape with its application of artificial intelligence and machine learning. 

“Our system effectively takes over many tasks typically handled by salespeople, essentially automating the routine aspects of their jobs,” he explains. 

“This automation is particularly relevant for our target audience because it frees up human salespeople to focus on more engaging activities like face-to-face meetings.”

The platform also automates analysis and sales research while ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Salimans adds: ” has to be highly sophisticated to handle the complexities of research and data-driven tasks. But, despite the complexity in the backend, we aim to make the user interface as simple and intuitive as possible, similar to having a conversation with a colleague. The main goal of our projects is to alleviate the mundane and repetitive tasks typically handled by sales teams and, at the same time, deliver the most superior results possible.” 

Salimans possesses a deep understanding of complex systems and was involved with his first startup by the time he was 18 years old.

Salimans has a Bachelor’s degree in International Business from Maastricht University, in the Netherlands where he graduated Summa Cum Laude. He then continued this learning with programs in computer science from Harvard University in the US.

He has furthered his expertise with certifications in Golang and the Learn Express Course from Codecademy, which he secured in March 2021. 

Throughout his career, Salimans has demonstrated a profound commitment to innovation, leadership, and excellence, continually driving technological and strategic advancements in the tech industry.

In June 2021, Salimans also established himself as the Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Chameleon, where he now leads the development of innovative Shopify apps designed to improve the e-commerce experience. 

Before founding and Chameleon, Salimans served as CEO of Kibo from December 2019 to February 2021, where he utilized AI to develop superior career coaching tools, helping students and recent graduates streamline their career paths and access valuable career advice.

He started in October 2021, and under Salimans’ leadership, has developed cutting-edge algorithms and predictive analytics solutions. The sales -automation software is transforming optimization in the field, and is well on the way to becoming an industry leader.

Understanding that in today’s era of hyper-personalization, generic sales pitches simply won’t cut it, Salimans integrated advanced personalization features into, allowing businesses to deliver tailored messages and offers to each prospect based on their unique preferences and needs: “We help sales teams craft personalized experiences that resonate with their prospects on a deeper level,” he says.

“Then they can drive engagement and build stronger relationships in the process. It also vastly reduces the time and effort required to craft emails, while personalizing the material to a very specific level.”

He reveals in his opinion, the best entrepreneurs are not only adept at business but also excel in technology: “Some of my idols, like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk, exemplify this,” he says.

“They are deeply knowledgeable about every aspect of the products they create. Take Elon Musk, for example; he understands both SpaceX’s business model and the intricate details of its rockets.

“Similarly, I have a strong background in business, having studied it extensively, with a focus on finance and marketing. However, I also possess a thorough understanding of our product from front to back, which is quite rare.”

Salimans is right that his skillset is not typical. Engineers usually specialize in a particular area—front-end engineers focus on the user interface, back-end engineers handle the server operations, and AI engineers work on building and training models.

He has set himself apart with a grasp on all these areas, and his expertise often exceeds the average in each.

Salimans adds: “This broad knowledge base allows me to effectively lead our team. Five engineers are currently working alongside me on our product, and I can engage with each of them at a high level about the specific aspects of their work. My curiosity drives my ability to oversee our team and comprehensively guide our project’s development.”

One of Salimans’ most impressive achievements is his mastery of the art of fundraising. With a keen understanding of investor psychology and market dynamics, he has successfully navigated the complex world of venture capital, securing significant investment for at every stage of its growth. 

To date he has raised nearly $3  million for the startups he has been involved with since he was 18 years old, which is no mean feat.

From angel investors to venture capitalists, Salimans, now 25, has cultivated relationships with key stakeholders, articulating’s value proposition and vision for the future with clarity and conviction.

Some of his financial supporters include Notion VC, Capital T VC, Curiosity VC, the Founder/CEO of, the former CPO and CMO of Zoom, and the former CFO of Oracle among others.

Central to Salimans’ fundraising success is his ability to build strategic partnerships with investors and industry leaders: “By aligning’s goals with the interests of its partners, we have created mutually beneficial relationships that have fueled our growth and expansion,” he says.

Louis Newman, is a Software Engineer and Entrepreneur. He is also a former Royal Marines Commando with the elite UK forces.

He first met Salimans in 2022 when they connected as startup entrepreneurs.

Newman says: “Robin has the highest emotional intelligence of anyone I have ever met. He is very much a people-first person but also technically brilliant. The team has also described him as the most insightful person they know—a sentiment I agree with.”

Newman adds: “Robin relentlessly tries to push the boundaries of what’s possible. His leadership style has profoundly impacted the dynamics of He fosters a supportive environment by offering strategic advice and allowing autonomy to execute plans.”

He goes on to share that Salimans is not only respectful of those he works with but also a calm voice if a disaster approaches: “I have a background in the elite military as a British commando, and from getting to know Robin, I can tell you that he is the sort of guy who can remain calm and make a plan even when the bullets start flying but also bring up the morale of the team when everything seems lost.

“Robin’s determination, dedication and pursuit of customer satisfaction go above and beyond. 

“He is an exceptional leader who is also technically brilliant. I have no doubt in my mind that with Robin managing Luna’s technical team, it is going to become an asset to not only the US but the world.”

Steven Nelemans is one of the co-founders of He has worked with Salimans for over two and a half years.

Nelemans says: “Robin has been exceptionally good at fundraising for our company and finding financial solutions for us to expand.

‘We have been able to secure investment, which has enabled us to grow at a rate we never thought possible. As a result, we have been able to move forward to achieve our goals at a much faster rate.”

Beyond his entrepreneurial pursuits, Salimans is also passionate about inspiring the next generation of tech leaders. Through mentorship programs, speaking engagements, and educational initiatives, Salimans has shared his knowledge and experience with aspiring entrepreneurs, empowering them to pursue their dreams and make a positive impact on the world. 

These include educating students at Maastricht University, as well as judging their expertise in workshops and advising on how to start a tech startup. Salimans also hosted a talk for an entrepreneurship class at Berkeley, in the US.

He is also a member of the prestigious Sigma Squared Society, a global community comprising over a thousand of the most ambitious young entrepreneurs. These members are dedicated to pushing boundaries, transcending industries, and creating cutting-edge innovations that drive significant change.

Salimans further sits on the Technical Due Diligence Team for Curiosity VC – a VC firm that primarily invests in AI companies. Through Salimans advice and analysis, the VC decides whether they should invest in a company or not. Salimans judges and analyzes the company profiles, the technology of the company’s product and, through interviewing the CTOs of the startups.

He also advised and NIE Numbers Fast, judging their investment opportunities.

He says: “I believe very much in paying it forward and giving back to the community, and I would love to be able to leave a lasting legacy that extends far beyond the realm of entrepreneurship.”

As continues to grow and evolve, Salimans has clear vision and a strategic roadmap in place, endeavoring to lead to even greater heights of success: “If we can drive value for investors and transform industries along the way making people’s lives better in the process, we will be achieving our goals,” he says.


He adds: “Ultimately, what we’re offering is hope for a more enjoyable and promising future. This is crucial because sales has an exceptionally high turnover rate. 

“Many people aren’t aware that it’s one of the jobs with the highest turnover, where, statistically, about 50% of salespeople leave their jobs each year. They don’t just leave; they often leave because they absolutely detest their jobs. By aiming to make their work life better, we’re connecting with the deeper goal of genuinely improving their lives.”

With his unique blend of technical expertise, entrepreneurial vision, and fundraising prowess, Salimans is a force to be reckoned with in the world of tech entrepreneurship.


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