Inserviss Facilitates Personal Learning Transformation to Enhance Teaching Methods for kids.

 Inserviss & Setcoin will be making a possitive impact to kids learning and personal education. The Founders Igor and his wife Elena​ ​Perepelychnaya have been thinking about this for about 5-6 years for their kids, and they believe  it will be interesting for other families with kids too to also benefit from this project.

One of the key roles of Education Sector at Inserviss marketplace is to facilitate transition of kids education system to personal learning (PL)

Welcome to personalized learning (PL), the fast-emerging face of education that is changing traditional approaches to how we educate young minds by tailoring the content and intensity of study to an individual students’ needs, abilities and goals.

It’s almost impossible to pull off in a traditional school setting. You normally have one teacher with a huge number of kids and it’s just not possible — even when you know that kids’ learning needs are different.

Blockchain Technology has changed everything.

At its heart, PL moves away from the traditional system of organizing children into age groups where every child is supposed to learn set material for that year — an approach that he describes as “problematic for children who are more advanced or who have fallen behind”. 

A 2017 study also highlighted some difficulties of PL implementation: the widely varying technology products often did not integrate with existing data systems, teachers’ efforts to develop personalized lessons were very time consuming, and personalized learning plans were sometimes at odds with what was needed to pass standardized tests.

Inserviss Education Sector will allow to create individual plans for special education based on tutoring learning and with setcoin and zero commission transactions will make Personal Learning affordable to everybody

For more details on this kids personal learning project, please contact the Inserviss Sectoin team:

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