Inserviss Decentralized Marketplace and Cryptocurrency is Supported by LDJCapital.

Inserviss Platform is a decentralized marketplace that allows service providers to join, publish their services offers, carry out promotion and loyalty campaigns, and get feedback from consumers. A concept developed by Igor and Elena Perepelychnaya, they have said that they thought of it when they were thinking of ways to reduce commissions and allow service providers to promote their businesses and they stumbled on blockchain technology.


While working on the platform, the couple invested a lot of time in understanding the blockchain technology. They came to a conclusion that blockchain technology pioneered by cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum had quickly reached its limit of transactions. So, while they developed the platform, they looked at a new protocol called the Red Belly Blockchain Consensus. This was perfect for their business model. Nearly all the users on their platform deal in very small monetary value. The RBBC allows for thousands of transactions of low value in a second, compared to seven a second by Bitcoin.

The high speed of transactions, extremely low fee allows users to connect all over the world. Now you do not have to transfer your fiat into your portal account and then go through a painfully slow transfer method of bank wires and currency conversion to pay a service provider (or wait forever for your money to come in your bank if you are a service provider). You can pay your tailor to get that suit sized up, pay with SetCoin immediately, go home and pay for that Italian guy who helped you write that beautiful poem for your partner, with SetCoin!


The SetCoin, powering the Inserviss platform is currently in the ICO stage. The sale will actually start on 1 February 2018. The coin is being offered at an extremely low price. For your reference, the developers have set up the following conversion rates:

1 BTC = 100 000 SET

1 ETH = 4000 SET

1 LTC = 1250 SET

1 EUR = 6 SET

1 USD = 5 SET

The coin can be bought from Waves digital exchange.

The Inserviss and its coin has established, with heavyweight partners, such as the LDJCapital, a big financial advising company and ICO Alert, the foremost organization that tells you of new and upcoming ICOs and their reputability. So you know that this is a well thought venture and not just some college boys setting up a scam to make quick buck.

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