ICO Progress Report – How well is the Acomobase ICO Doing?


Acomobase is the world’s first global accommodation marketplace. It helps to facilitate seamless and personalized travels in the blockchain era. It doesn’t matter if you are a house owner or looking for a place to stay during your trip,  Acomobase has a lot of  benefits that makes the process a lot easier.

Acomobase provides direct international payments with zero fees using highly secure encryption technology to do that. Making use of Acomobase offers you all the advantages of using blockchain,  the safety, decentralization, and openness. This helps with eliminating the discomfort of paying middlemen on your trips; it offers zero middleman commission and hidden charges that can save users up to 30% of value.

The ACO,  Acomobase Token, helps to improve the efficiency of accommodation and can be exchanged between users and hosts,  helping to eliminate the middlemen and can be bought only with Ethereum.

With the Travel industry hitting an all record high and accumulating a staggering $1.2 trillion in 2015 and expected to reach a 30% increase in 2020, Acomobase ,  having the limitless leverage of the blockchain technology is here to make travels more efficient and less expensive.

ICO (INITIAL COIN OFFERING)  is a plan set aside to help new cryptocurrency start-up firms raise capital for their business, avoiding the tough hassle of getting capital through banks and venture capitalists. The Acomobase was incorporated in Cyprus, the pre-sale, crowdfunding, and token creation process is organized into smart contracts and runs on Ethereum.

The pre- ICO sale of the ACO token started in December 2017 and ended January 2018. The ACO ICO is not available in the United States or in any country where the laws and restrictions are against the financial security rules.

There are about 140,000,000 tokens to be sold

ACO ICO price: 1 ACO = 0.007 – 0.0045 ETH

With the ACO ICO on sale from December 2017 and is expected to last for 8 weeks, the company also claims the cryptocurrency will be on sale on other exchanges after that. Investing in the ACO can be quite lucrative for investors. The company expects the price of the ACO to skyrocket immediately after the ICO and goes on other exchanges, so investing in the crypto can be very lucrative for investors and yield a very profitable return on investment.


The Acomobase team is active in places like London,  Munich, Limasol,  Prague,  Athens.

  1. Alketas Malioukis: founded acomobase and also serves as CEO.
  2. Zenos Pavlakou: Software Engineer
  3. Jiri Svoboda: finance officer
  4. Julia lazea: Business Consultant
  5. Alexandros Malioukis: community manager

In the era of cryptocurrency, Acomobase,  known as the Uber for hospitality in the blockchain era makes traveling easier, helped to eliminate the payment of middlemen and ensure you have an interesting trip with lower cost. ACO helps to improve the efficiency of accommodation and can only be bought using the Ether (ETH), with its ICO presently on sale. Investing in a platform that looks quite promising won’t be a bad idea,  experts suggest that in a few years, Acomobase will yield a very high return on investment for its investors.

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