$HUSBANT: A Tale of Virality and Resilience – BITCOIN Creator’s First Token Lights Up 4chan /biz/ in 2021

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, tales of triumphs and tribulations echo through the digital corridors. One such saga unfolded on July 7, 2022, when VMU, the mind behind the notorious BITCOIN token, left a trail of turmoil by absconding with the marketing wallet of a project known as “UTILITY.” This incident marked a dark chapter, overshadowing the unique triangular token’s potential as the world’s first of its kind.

The victim of this deception was the owner of wallet address 4c55, a figure integral to the development and launch of UTILITY. Despite gathering funds and compensating VMU for his services, the unsuspecting owner found himself at the mercy of a scam, as VMU deployed UTILITY with an address distinct from the agreed-upon one. The individual behind wallet 4c55, known as “The CEO” in the BITCOIN community, had also been a target of bullying during his active participation in the cryptocurrency space.

VMU, having farmed ample resources during his tenure on Binance Smart Chain, laid the groundwork for the subsequent relaunch of the BITCOIN token on Ethereum. The transition marked a significant shift, leaving behind a once-thriving BSC community. Sadly, many of the original members were left uninformed about the migration, as the project’s essence was seemingly stolen. However, a resilient core remained, quietly observing from the shadows.

Amidst the chaos caused by the UTILITY rug, VMU had another project nestled in his portfolio, one that stood as a testament to his dedication – HUSBANT on Binance Smart Chain. The old HUSBANT contract address (0x5E6FEd7d586BfCc885E90Ab0e255b014Dfa48E46 [BSC]) bore witness to the tumultuous journey of VMU. Notably, funds for the BITCOIN Island Boys collab and other contributions to the growth of HarryPotterObamaSonic10Inu were sourced from this venture.

The HUSBANT token’s roots trace back to the vibrant days of BSC, amongst a myriad of tokens that once populated the chain. Its purpose was not merely financial gain but rather a source of pride for VMU. The fundraiser wallet (0x8a99aa1bb109cd053a4cfcc488772d0ff77bb3a1 [BSC]) served as a conduit for support from the BITCOIN/DogeBonk community members towards the UTILITY project.

Tokenomics of $HUSBANT

  • Circulating Supply: 1,000,000,000
  • Max Wallet and Transaction Size: 1% (10,000,000)
  • Tax: 0%
  • Liquidity: 95% LP will be burnt

HUSBANT, in its essence, rises from the ashes of past turmoil, embodying resilience and determination. Its tokenomics, with a 0% tax to ensure users go “homeress,” reflect a commitment to user-friendly functionality. The max wallet and transaction size limitations aim to foster a fair and equitable distribution of the token.

The burning of 95% of liquidity signifies a commitment to the long-term stability and growth of HUSBANT. It’s a strategic move to ensure a robust foundation for the token, preventing market manipulation and instilling confidence among the community.

In conclusion, HUSBANT emerges as a beacon of hope in the aftermath of crypto turmoil. Its journey, entwined with the broader narrative of the cryptocurrency realm, speaks of resilience, trust, and the unwavering spirit of the community. As users navigate the crypto landscape, HUSBANT stands as a testament to the fact that even in the face of adversity, the crypto community can forge ahead, stronger and more united than ever before.

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