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HUH Token Above 10,000 Holders Since Launch, At Least 90% of Bitcoin Has Been Mined And Ethereum Bulls Return?

HUH Token achieved, at the time of writing this article, over 10,000 HUH Token holders in a matter of days, with aims of having well over a million in three months’ time, though with the growing popularity of this Utimeme, those goals might be closer than HUH Token think.

Bitcoin, according to experts, has apparently seen at least 90% of its currency mined since 2009, though, what could that mean for the future of mining Bitcoin? 

Ethereum Bull returns, or at least, those are the whispers of the internet… through which one of these three, HUH Token, Bitcoin and Ethereum could be a great stocking filler this crypto Christmas? 

Over 10,000 HUH Holders! 

With HUH Token’s impending token burn on Wednesday the 15th of December it’s no wonder that the number of holders has increased so drastically… with the mixture of early on success and HUH Tokens creators’ intention to further grow the pool of HUH Token holders, it’s no wonder the token burn is on the lips of holders. 

Those who witnessed HUH Token’s launch would have seen that the holders who deposited $1000 could have seen a $10,000 return within a matter of a couple of days. 

HUH Token appears to have ridden the waves of spikes and dips this bullish crypto season rather well and it seems that could be of benefit to HUH Token holders over the coming years. This is because it seems that HUH Token and HUH holders are both as much a part of HUH Token as the multichain (Binance and Ethereum) is. 

Therefore, HUH Token is offering a unique referral code to holders that will see the holder receive a 10% BNB bonus for each first deposit made under your code and the referred family or friend will receive a 10% sales fee reduction! 

It appears that HUH Token and HUH Nation keeps getting stronger by the day, with numbers on the increase, as an estimated 10mil+ in trading volume. 

HUH Token could be a great stocking filler this year, but remember, it’s best to do your own research before buying. 

10% Over 100 Years

As of Monday the 13th of December, it was declared that 90% of Bitcoin had been mined and experts concluded that the remaining full-10% could potentially not reach the market for another 100 years.

Suggesting that of Bitcoins original 21 million in 2009, a grand total of 18.9 million are on the open market today. 

As this information was released it occurs the question of what might be in store for Bitcoin miners over the future, but with Bitcoin halving in place (every four years) the value of mined bitcoin decreases … currently the value sits around 6 bitcoin per block, however, this will decrease. 

The intention of halving is to make mining more challenging, though it could see a potential loss of eager miners given the recent slip Bitcoin experienced on the market this month. 

Though some believe that Bitcoins value as an inflation hedge could see the founding-father of cryptocurrency surge again. 

Ethereum Bull

ETH saw its value decrease below the $4,000-mark point amidst an unusually bearish week, though it seems that Ethereum bulls have managed to push ETH above the $4,000 mark and in turn might have caused Ethereum to climb 25% by the end of the Christmas crypto season. 

Ethereum could be seeing a saviour from its bulls as the market dipped this week and potentially demonstrates a brighter New Year for one of the world’s largest digital currencies. 

Ethereum, amongst HUH Token and Bitcoin, might be one of the cryptocurrencies you’re debating over for a stocking filler and it’s always best to do your own research into cryptocurrencies through market trends, know-how and information on the cryptocurrency you like the sound of. 

This can be done by either visiting the links below or Googling your desired cryptocurrency. 

You can also find Bitcoin, Ethereum and HUH Token on-site likes PancakeSwap,, to name a few.

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