How Wikipedia Has Taken Action To Stop Bullying


Wikipedia is a volunteer-created and -edited free and open-source encyclopedia. It’s among the most popular websites in the world, and it’s regularly used as an information source for academic and investigative purposes. But bullying has also been directed against Wikipedia.

What is bullying?

Bullying is unwelcome, aggressive conduct characterized by an actual or imagined power disparity. The action is repeated throughout time or has the potential to be repeated. Bullying can be done physically, verbally, socially, online, and in other ways.

How does bullying happen on Wikipedia?

Making personal attacks against other editors is one way that bullying can occur on Wikipedia.

  • Harassing other editors via chat rooms or messages.
  • Deleting or vandalizing the work of other editors.
  • Disseminating false information about other editors.
  • Using Wikipedia to spread bigotry or hate speech.
  • Directing hate towards professional wikipedia page writing services or any other service that is responsible for editing Wikipedia pages.

What has Wikipedia done to prevent bullying?

In order to stop bullying, Wikipedia has taken a number of actions, such as: 

  • Developing a policy against bullying. In accordance with Wikipedia’s rule against harassment, “all editors are obligated to show one another appropriate care.” The policy additionally prohibits verbal assault, intimidation, and destruction as additional forms of cyberbullying.
  • Editors should be informed about bullying. Wikipedia has created a number of resources, such as a training course and a wikiHow article, to educate editors against bullying. These sources include information about bullying, such as what it is, how it appears on Wikipedia, and strategies for preventing it.
  • Providing resources for bullying reporting. There are several options available on Wikipedia, such as a contact form and a report abuse button, for reporting bullying. Editors can anonymously report bullying using these options. Taking action against bullies. Wikipedia takes action against bullies, including blocking them from editing Wikipedia.
  • Blocking is a short-term measure that stops an editor from making edits to Wikipedia for a specified amount of time. Bullies on Wikipedia may also have their accounts deleted as a more long-lasting measure.
  • Fostering a respectful and empathetic culture. There is a respect and tolerance among Wikipedia’s editors. This includes advising editors to avoid starting personal attacks or indulging in other bullying tactics, to be open-minded, and to consider opposing ideas.

Additional details

In addition to the aforementioned, Wikipedia has taken action to: 

  • Encourage editors to settle disputes amicably. Wikipedia offers a mediation procedure that enables editors to settle disputes without using intimidation.
  • Stand by editors who have experienced bullying. A support group exists on Wikipedia that can assist editors who have been mistreated and offer guidance.
  • Observe the website for indications of bullying. A group of volunteer moderators on Wikipedia keep an eye out for instances of bullying.

All of its users may count on a secure and friendly environment from Wikipedia. By taking action to stop bullying, Wikipedia is fostering a community where anybody may learn and contribute without worrying about being harassed or mistreated.


Despite the precautions taken by Wikipedia to combat bullying, it remains a problem on the site. Some of the difficulties that Wikipedia confronts in combating bullying are as follows:

  • Wikipedia editors’ anonymity.
  • Wikipedia’s global reach. Editors can hide behind their nicknames, making it harder to identify and punish abusers. Because
  • Wikipedia is a worldwide encyclopedia, it is exposed to a wide range of cultures and practices. This can make defining what constitutes bullying and developing policies that work in various cultures challenging.
  • Wikipedia’s fast-paced nature. Because Wikipedia is continually evolving, it is difficult to keep up with new forms of bullying.

Future plans

Wikipedia has stated that it will continue to endeavor to eliminate bullying on the platform.

  • Creating additional tools to assist editors in reporting bullying is one of Wikipedia’s future priorities.
  • Collaborating with other organizations to raise bullying awareness on Wikipedia.
  • Conducting bullying study on Wikipedia.

Wikipedia is optimistic in its ability to make more progress in avoiding bullying on the platform. Together, the contributors and Wikipedia may create Wikipedia a safe and welcoming space for all users.


In its efforts to address harassment, Wikipedia has engaged in a variety of behaviors, which include creating a zero-tolerance policy, training editors regarding harassment, offering methods for exposing harassment, banning attackers, and advocating a respectful and compassionate group. These efforts have contributed to Wikipedia being a more inviting and inclusive community.

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