How Well Do You Know The Setcoin Team?

What determines the success of any blockchain-based platform is the team behind its development. Without a great team made up of experienced individuals, such platform won’t last for long. This is why Inverviss has a team of highly accomplished individuals like:

  •    Igor Perepelychnyy, the co-founder, and CEO of the Setcoin Platform. He’s a serial entrepreneur with over seven years of experience as a developer and member of top management of IT industries. Coupled with that, he has five years of experience in the finance industry as an analytic, trader, fund manager of stocks like EURONEXT, NASDAQ, and NYSE, commodities like CME and CBOT, FOREX and debt markets, and so on. To top it all, Igor has experience in the development of successful e-commerce startups with about 500% growth in just a year.
  •    The co-founder and Chief Creative Officer, Elena Perepelychnaya, who has 7 years of experience in marketing and development of product design, and building creative, successful strategies. She has also led and mentored creative teams through the concept and execution of awesome advertising, branding, and marketing contents. Elena has also made amazing contributions to the marketing of e-commerce companies which has helped them achieve remarkable growth. Finally, she specializes in marketing planning, strategy, social media, video, and end to end digital advertising.
  •    Aravinda Babu, the Chief Technical Officer, has over 16 years of experience in technical leadership with high-end companies like IBM Labs, Motorola, and Nokia. His industry experience cuts across application systems of multiple platforms, Linux systems, solution frameworks, architectural designs, and development of network security products. Being a blockchain enthusiast, he leads the development of Setcoin’s blockchain and back-end and developed software products and engineering teams that are being used all over the globe.
  •    The Senior Android Engineer, Stephen Rudenko who is a software developer with over 10 years of experience in the development and design of applications for numerous industries. Also, coupled with his experience as a technical consultant and team leader, Stephen has direct experience with providing big business solutions for banks, creating Android applications, and development of medical software.

Among the Setcoin Advisory Board members include:

  •    George Han: an Investment Director at SNAP Innovations and Portfolio, and has extensive experience in advising tech startups on how they can execute their growth strategies.
  •    David Drake: the Chairman of LDJ Capital, whose investments presently have over 50 global directors maintaining relationships with family offices and institutions with assets worth up to $1.5 trillion.
  •    Jared Polites: who specializes in growth marketing and has worked as a member of the marketing team of blockchain startups and high-growth tech, raising over $100 million in ICOs.
  •    Simon Mcunu: a top professional in the area of banking technology with an unparalleled understanding of applying innovative finance solutions and the business world in general.


Developing a blockchain-based platform for the Global Services Industry is not an easy thing to come by, but with the team behind Setcoin, it was made possible. Backed by years of experience, members of this team will no doubt ensure the continual growth and development of this unique platform.

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