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How To Succeed In The World Of E-Commerce: Derek James Tells His Story

The World Of E-Commerce

E-commerce has taken a big step forward in recent months. Because of Covid-19 and the quarantine, it forced people to resort to online shopping in masses. This was something expected to happen gradually, but it has significantly accelerated. This has resulted in the growth of many entrepreneurs businesses and some companies that want to change the way they reach their customers.

Derek James is an expert in e-commerce. His results support him in that. From a very young age, he always dreamed of having his own business, and he never gave up. After college, he got his first job as a salesman. He immediately realized that this was not for him, he had always had an entrepreneurial spirit, and it was time to be free. That’s how he began his journey in the business world.

His first successful venture was Magic Digital Media, a consulting firm that served high-end companies at Amazon. This is where he got his first taste of online sales. After that, he saw the potential that online sales had and launched his first brands, which have brought him much success.

Derek James

Currently, Derek has participation in 3 successful companies in various areas of e-commerce. Moreover, he invests in new companies in the world of technology, his latest venture being Gamelancer, a platform where freelance gamers can earn money for hire and get paid to play. It’s something that’s going to make a lot of noise. His e-commerce companies turnover more than 15 million dollars a month, and he is more than qualified to talk to us about how to achieve success with online sales than almost anyone you are probably following on Instagram.

Learning From Failure

It may sound very cliché, but that’s something all successful entrepreneurs will always tell you. Derek did not succeed overnight; he had many failed ventures; in total, six companies served him to learn from his mistakes and where he had to focus his efforts.

The first two years were fatal, he even had significant losses, but he had the greatness to keep going. With the first company that succeeded, he was inspired to continue improving. As a lover of creating businesses from scratch, he has created several companies, always related to e-commerce.

This is why the advice he gives to new entrepreneurs is to try. When you are young, you can afford to fail, as long as you can get something meaningful out of that failure. Always try to do what you set out to do in life; you have a life ahead of you and what you have is time to fail and recover.

In the worst case, if you don’t know what you want, what you have to do is try. Try various things until you see what you want. In e-commerce, the key is to get a product that makes an impact and to know how to sell it. On the way to finding that product, you can make many mistakes, and only by learning from them will you succeed.

Using Social Networks

People have changed the way they consume, and today they search on channels like Amazon and social networks for the products they want. That’s why the success of every online store is critical to being “found”. Knowing how to work in them and promote yourself will be the key to having great results.

Derek has cultivated a large audience in its networks, especially on Instagram, which has become the preferred medium for online sales and brand positioning. If you want to succeed with online sales, you must get to work on your social networks. Start building your personal brand, your product brand, and attract people with valuable content and loyalty.

James also points out that it is vital to be transparent in this business. Many people do not show their real results on the net, and that generates distrust in your audience. He makes the knowledge of all his sales, and most important; he adds value by sharing his knowledge freely and inspiring others showing them that it is possible. 

These two aspects, Derek James, points out to us, are fundamental. Learning from mistakes and getting the most out of social networks will take your business to the next level of success.

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