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Where ever data is involved excel files become inevitable. No matter how much care you take to save and process these files, corruption issues might arise. So, if your Excel files are not opening or have other issues, the possibility of them being corrupted is quite high. Going through this article means, you are in the same situation and looking for a solution on how to repair a corrupted excel file. Don’t worry as we will not disappoint you and will guide you through the best solutions on how to repair corrupted Excel File. 

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Part 1. Is It Possible to Repair a Corrupted Excel File?

Yes, it is possible to repair  Excel file. There are troubleshooting methods and tools available that can assist you with the task. Some of these include using Microsoft Excel’s Open and Repair tool, restoring from file recovery, repairing hard-disk errors, using third-party software, and others.

Part 2.Solution to Repair Corrupted Excel File:

Above we have listed several methods that can be tried to repair a corrupted Excel file. Out of all, the one that works best is the 4DDiG File Repair tool which is a professional third-party software that is capable of fixing all document-related issues including Excel file corruption. Not only quick, but the software is simple, reliable, and with high success rate. 

Key features of 4DDiG File Repair

  • Windows and Mac-based File Repair software with a high success rate
  • Capable of fixing all issues like files not opening, gibberish content, black content, corrupted files, and more
  • Allows recovering tables, charts, pivots and other important elements of corrupted Excel  file
  • Support to all Excel file formats including .xlsx, .xlsm, and others
  • Can work seamlessly with all popular Excel versions including 2019, 2016, 2013, and also earlier versions
  • Support to extensive repair for Word, ZIP, PSB, Excel, PowerPoint and other formats
  • Allows to preview the files before after they are repaired
  • Batch processing supported for uninterrupted work

Steps on how to repair Excel file corrupted using 4DDiG File Repair

Step 1. Install the 4DDiG File Repair software on your system and on the main page choose the File Repair option from the left-side panel. Click on Add File(s) to browse and import the corrupted Excel files. Also, you can drag and drop the files to the software.

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Step 2. After the files are added, tap on the Start Repair button and the software will start working to find out the errors and corruption in the files and repair them.

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Step 3. Once the files are fixed and repaired, the results will appear at the interface, and can preview them by clicking View Results. 

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Step 4. Once the files are previewed and verified as needed, click on the Export button and choose the destination folder to save the repaired files on your


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Part 3. Why Are Excel Files Getting Corrupted?

Why are Excel files getting corrupted?

Several reasons might result in corrupted Excel files and some of the common ones are listed below. 

  • Sudden system shutdown due to power outrage, overheating, issues with hardware, or others.
  • Virus, bugs, and malware infection
  • Storage devices not ejected properly
  • Corrupted hard drives or bad sectors
  • Large files that include lot of formulas and links that  can be incorrect and broken causing file corruption
  • Issues with the network  server and its synchronization

Part 4. Help Tip: How to Prevent Excel Files Corruption?

Though preventing Excel file corruption is not always in our hands, some tips prove to be helpful.

  • Do not keep your Excel files open when they are not in use to prevent them from sudden shutdown. Also, close your files properly after use. 
  • Always take regular backups of your important files
  • Make sure to keep your antivirus software and your system updated to prevent malware and virus
  • Always use reliable storage devices
  • Avoid large and complex formulas in your Excel files


When it comes to collecting, organizing, and analyzing data, Excel files play a very important role. Corruption of these files not only leads to work disruption but also loss of data and other issues. Thus, preventing your Excel files from getting corrupted is crucial and we have also listed some tips for the same. Still after taking all precautions, your files can be corrupted and here tools like 4DDiG File Repair come to your rescue. This professional file repair tool can easily handle all Excel file formats and issues and fix them in a hassle-free manner. So now you know how to repair corrupted Excel file


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