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How to Download from Rapidgator with Maximum Speed? 3 Steps!

Rapidgator is one of the famous file-sharing services that is mainly used to share premium files. The free version of Rapidgator has a limited download speed. 

The good news is you can bypass the download limit of Rapidgator in three steps:

Step 1: Connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

Step 2: Use any Premium link generator service. (for premium files)

Step 3: Download using IDM download manager.

Usually, to download premium files at full speed, you need to subscribe to the premium version. However, the three methods mentioned above will allow you to download any Rapidgator file with maximum speed, bypassing the speed restriction.

So, let’s discuss in detail how to download from Rapidgator with maximum speed.


1) Connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

To easily download from Rapidgator with maximum speed, use a virtual private network (VPN). VPNs can help mask your IP address and bypass Rapidgator’s download speed restrictions. VPNs also help you to bypass IP bans.


Ensure you use a trusted VPN with faster speeds and greater security. The VPN should also support unlimited bandwidth for uninterrupted downloading. Simply choose your preferred VPN provider for iOS, Android, or Windows and start using Rapidgator.

We experimented by downloading a Rapidgator file with Symlex VPN’s Singapore server. We unlocked the file with one of the premium link generators and downloaded the file with the IDM download manager. Here’s the result:

As you can see, the file was downloading at the maximum speed allowed by the ISP. In terms of premium files, you need to unlock them first, and you can do it for free.

2) Leech With Premium Link Generators

Next, use a Premium link generator to download a premium file. Premium link generators, or leechers, are great for downloading premium files from file-sharing services like Rapidgator, Uptodown, Novafiles, etc. All you need to do is paste the premium link and follow the instructions; it will unlock the link for you.

You can download at maximum speeds without paying any dime. Several premium link generators are available online; you can find the extensive list on Google. Some of them may have specific bandwidth limits for specific providers.


Note that premium link generators are supported by ads, which helps the developers earn some money from the service. You can bypass the ads,.

3) Download Using IDM Download Manager

Finally, as a cherry on top, use Internet Download Manager (IDM) instead of the regular download manager for an extra download speed boost. By using IDM, you can bypass the download limit imposed by Rapidgator and enjoy maximum download speed. 

IDM splits the download file into smaller files for faster download, similar to torrent downloading. It can significantly increase the download speed. However, IDM is not free; you must pay monthly or a one-time subscription charge.

Copy the download link and click “Add URL,” paste, and start downloading. You’ll see the download speed has increased significantly.

How to Reduce Waiting Time In Sites?

Waiting time is super annoying when downloading Rapidgator files. This waiting time is typically from the URL shorteners, which they use to earn money from views. There are two methods by which you can reduce the download waiting time.

Method 1: You can easily bypass site waiting times of link shorteners using tools like Adsbypasser. Adsbypasser is an open-source tool that helps you bypass any shortened links without waiting or dealing with the disturbing bombardment of ads.

It’s a great tool that automatically reduces the countdown and clicks the “Skip” button. Typically, Rapidgator, Uptodown, and Nitrofiles download links are hosted behind a URL shortener for monetization purposes, as we already know.

The uploader makes money whenever someone visits the URL and downloads the file. The process is annoying as you must navigate to many pesky ads, and one wrong click may redirect you to malicious websites.

Sometimes, clicking these ads may force you to install fraudulent applications containing viruses, malware, or adware. So, using the Adsbypass tool, you can easily bypass almost all URL shorteners and download your desired file at maximum speed.

  • Go to the extension page and install Tampermonkey.
  • Now go to the website of Adsbypass.
  • Click on “Install full edition.”

It will automatically install the script for you. Now, you can bypass any link shorteners and download your desired file from Rapidgator or other file-sharing platforms.

Method 2: You can use another Chrome extension known as FastForward. It automatically reduces the countdown, making a fast-forward for you. It’s a super convenient tool for downloading Rapidgator files.

Like before, head to the Chrome web store, search FastForward, and click “Add to Chrome.” Alternatively, you can install the extension from their official website.

How to Bypass Site Captcha Solving?

Captcha verifications can be very annoying when downloading a file from Rapidgator or another platform through a shortened link—bypass download sites’ captcha verifications using automated tools like Buster Captcha Solver.

  • Go to Chrome extensions manager > Chrome web store.
  • Search buster captcha solver
  • Click “Add to Chrome”

That’s it, now, whenever you come across a captcha, click on the extension, which will automatically solve the captcha for you.

Final Words

Following these three methods, you can easily download any files from Rapidgator, bypassing the download limitations. Ensure you use a secure VPN to bypass your ISP and Rapidgator speed limit without compromising security


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