How Technology Affected the Gaming Industry

Technology has an impact on pretty much every industry out there. The same applies to the gaming industry. Today games look way better, they are monetized in a different way, and some of them take a lot longer to produce. Big titles usually hire voice actors, and expert CGI artists in order to craft a truly unique experience. So, let’s see just how much this industry has changed due to the advancement in technology. 

Monetization of Games 

One major difference in the gaming industry is how modern video games are monetized. Of course, there is a traditional model where you simply buy the goods that you want, but that’s something indie developers mostly use. When it comes to bigger releases they either have a subscription model or feature an in-game store, or they also release DLCs after the initial release. Casinos are also dominating the world of online gaming, and thanks to modern payment methods it’s easier than ever to play. Players can create an account on any PayPal casino UK and use this payment method for fast deposits and withdrawals. Since online casinos don’t have to rely on chips they can use all sorts of incentives, and even award bonus funds upon deposit to motivate players to play more. 

Playing Demo Versions 

There are plenty of opportunities for players to try new titles even before they become available in stores. There is alpha testing, and beta testing, and the player community loves the opportunity to test the game before they spend money on it. Many online stores like PlayStation, and Steam even offer users to try the product before they buy, or they can refund the purchase within the first two hours. So, developers have to design the content in a way that it is fully engaging right from the get-go. The same thing is available in online casinos. It’s true that players can use different casino payment options to fund their accounts, but they don’t necessarily have to spend any money in order to play casino games. They can play for free, and see just how frequently they can expect to win before they start betting real money. 

Higher Quality and File Size 

If you think about video games from 2 decades ago, you’ll remember that we had to buy a disc version. This was the only way to install the game and get the verification key. Before that it was cartridges, but today this content is fully digital. This means that the designers aren’t exactly limited to fitting a whole game on a CD that can store up to 700MB, 1.5GB, or 4GB. Moreover, gaming devices have far greater processing power, so high-fidelity graphics don’t take as long to render, and that only means that the games look really good. The same applies to sound effects and audio, and that’s why games are far more immersive nowadays. 


It’s also worth pointing out that there are more portable gaming devices available. Most notable are of course smartphones. In truth, this concept isn’t new but thanks to technological development you can play more demanding titles on these devices. Witcher 3 and Diablo games were almost exclusively for PCs but now you can play them on Nintendo Switch. This doesn’t necessarily affect the overall time spent playing, but it does make players engage with their content more frequently. Whenever someone is waiting for a bus or taking a break during work, they can easily play some of their favorite titles on any portable gaming device.  


The Internet had a massive impact on how games are designed. Thanks to the advancement in server technology, it became possible to create massive multiplayer online games. This, of course, led to the development of more competitive titles:

  • Dota
  • League of Legends 
  • Counter-Strike 
  • Fortnite
  • PUBG
  • Call of Duty  
  • Hearthstone

These are just some of the popular titles that are widely present on the eSports scene. This is basically a brand new competition and sub-industry that has generated more career opportunities within the gaming world. It turned this hobby into a viable job, where those who are truly passionate about gaming can now make a living simply by doing what they love.   


It’s not only that games have changed under the influence of technology, but the way we consume this content was also affected. People don’t necessarily play all the time, but rather watch other content creators or streamers. Developers took notice of this trend, and are actively using streaming platforms as means of advertising their products. We are also seeing a rise in the popularity of VR platforms. This is another way to make content more immersive. Rather than sitting players are expected to move around the room, in order to navigate and interact with the in-game environment.  

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