How Bazista Will Help Simplify Shopping with Cryptocurrency.

Bazista is an international online marketplace that aims to create an enabling ecommerce environment that allows for the exchange of digital assets for goods and services.

It opens up online trading to anyone in the world, lowering the existing barriers and expanding by leveraging the abilities of digital assets.

This new trade platform is another dimension in the fast-paced ecommerce market. It allows for buying and selling both between consumers on the platform and between businesses and consumers. It offers an easy, reliable and practical use of digital currency, allowing for the exchange of goods and services for over 5 different kinds of digital assets. It is a unique combination of ecommerce with the new, developing decentralised cryptocurrency economy being powered by blockchain technology.

Bazista takes advantage of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to ensure a more efficient marketplace, providing solutions to some of the ecommerce problems that currently exist in other markets.

The Bazista development team was established in early 2017 with the platform being expected to launch in 2018. The key members of the Bazista team which is currently based in Moscow, Russia, include Vakhtang Abuladze in the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Denis Sholokhov who is the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO), and Maksim Orlov who is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO).

The platform accepts ETH, wire transfer, exchange BTC, LTC, XRP, ZEC, XMR, DASH with ShapeShift.

Bazista marketplace has a number of features that makes it the preferred choice when looking to use digital assets such as cryptocurrency for trades and purchases. These include:

  • Its low commission amounting to just 4% of the final cost. It not only reduces the cost of transactions through its low commissions but also has commission free transactions which are possible when BZS tokens are deposited in the account and available when making orders. You can save up to 13% in commission costs using this platform.
  • With Bazista, there are no hidden charges or commissions. In using cryptocurrency as its means of exchange, the platform cuts out additional expenses related to conversion and exchange rates. This saves up to 1.5 – 3% of costs paid.
  • The platform allows earning power through promotion advertising when links to products and their UTM tags are advertised. This partnership model allows users post ads and whenever anyone makes a purchase using those links, the advertising user will be get paid and not just the product owner. By helping others sell products, users can earn too.
  • It provides a secure platform that allows exchange of goods and services for users of cryptocurrency and digital assets. It leverages the safety, security, privacy and integrity of cryptocurrency.
  • It makes life easier and more practical for users of digital currency and assets, giving them more purchasing power and creating a platform that accepts this means of payment.
  • It offers loyalty benefits to users of the platform, providing them with discounts, access to unique offers and even transactions that are commission free.
  • It is inclusive as it leverages the growing smartphone and internet penetration to draw in those who may be cut out of the current traditional financial and commercial systems.
  • Support is available for every stage of your transactions.

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