Here’s Why Big Eyes Coin is a Much Better Alternative to VeChain and Internet Computer for King-Sized Returns

Stories of successful cryptocurrency traders have inspired millions of people around the world. Many new users have bought top-ranked tokens at extremely expensive rates. The value of those tokens has gone down since the market crashed. Many newbies are buying the same old tokens, which people were buying years ago to make a huge profit. A better strategy is to select and buy newly launched tokens which may turn your small investment into a huge profit. The Big Eyes Coin (BIG) token has the potential to deliver multi-bagger returns. Many believe it is the best cryptocurrency to invest in, in 2022. Is it even better than VeChain (VET) and Internet Computer (ICP)? Let’s find out. 

Big Eyes Coin: A Feature-rich Community Token that Aims to Become the Most Popular DeFi Meme Coin

Popular cryptocurrencies took years to gain people’s attention and prove their worth. Big Eyes Coin may become equally popular within a few years. It seems the most feature-rich meme token that may take the meme coin space by storm. 

This token has tons of utility, a loyal community, a solid roadmap. Meme tokens are popular assets and Big Eyes Coin can become the best meme token if it achieves its major goals. It aims to benefit investors and shift more wealth into the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem. Big Eyes Coin may deliver the promised solutions within a few years if it becomes the most talked about the crypto asset in the meme coin space. 

Unconfusing the decentralized finance ecosystem

The simplest way to popularize the DeFi ecosystem is by making it simple to understand. People have been using banks and traditional financial institutes for ages. They know everything about how centralized finance works and why the system is unfair and unreliable. Decentralized finance is a new term for many people. 

Big Eyes Coin will provide educational materials to explain how the DeFi ecosystem works. Whether you are a new investor or an experienced trader, you can access the learning material for free. 

Aiming for the best NFT collection

NFTs or non-fungible tokens are extremely valuable digital assets. Brands, celebrities, sports personalities, and companies are eager to launch new NFTs. This platform has decided to launch many NFT events. Those events will attract thousands of people looking for uniquely impressive digital collectibles. Participants will need Big Eyes Coin NFTs to participate in the event. 

How to buy the BIG Token?

Follow the following steps to buy the BIG Token in the ongoing presale round.

  • Get a MetaMask crypto wallet or any other wallet supported by Wallet Connects 
  • Buy Ethereum, USDT, or BNB tokens to fund your wallet
  • Go to the official website of the Big Eyes Coin project and click the “Buy Now” option
  • Connect your crypto wallet
  • Select the number of ETH/USDT/BNB tokens you want to swap for the BIG Token

Wait until the presale round is over and then you can claim the purchased tokens.

VeChain: Bringing Businesses on Blockchain to Solve Real-world Issues and the Serve Masses 

VeChain is a blockchain-powered platform focused on making entry to decentralized networks easier for businesses. It has designed solutions specifically for business enterprises. Besides, the VeChainThor blockchain has become a preferred network to launch business apps and decentralized platforms. Members’ activity on the network increases the value of the VET Token. It is VeChain’s native cryptocurrency. As per reports, VeChain has successfully carried out the world’s leading inventory monetization via NFTs. It is a huge feat to achieve and it may make the VET Token potentially more valuable in the long term. 

Internet Computer: A Better Alternative to Centralized Cloud Storage Services

Internet Computer has become a one-stop solution to power decentralized data storage solutions. This platform is helping independent data centers collaborate and deliver decentralized data storage services to users around the world. The ICP Token acts as the native cryptocurrency required to buy data storage space and also works as the governance token. As per reports, the Internet Computer blockchain network’s demands are pretty high now. The network usage has grown by 400% in just 4 months and it is processing almost 600 million transactions per day. 

VeChain and Internet Computer Tokens will grow at a gradual pace. You may not get huge returns for many years, but that may not be the case with the Big Eyes Coin Token. Its popularity is growing pretty rapidly and it may provide potentially huge returns in the medium to long-term future. 

In addition, the team behind Big Eyes Coin (BIG) has announced that they are doing a bonus tokens giveaway. To benefit from the giveaway just use the code: SUSHI407 when buying BIG tokens. 

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