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Gong? Novacy’s Solution Might be Better

Gaining data insights about one’s customer interaction is essential in pushing deals forward. From uncovering gaps to addressing risks in one’s pipeline, having full visibility of the entire deal will enable sellers to align with buyers, increasing the chances of a successful deal.

The ability to dismantle these layers becomes even more critical in today’s highly competitive business ecosystem. With markets evolving rapidly and customer expectations continually changing, the margin for error in deal-making has grown slimmer. Therefore, leveraging data-driven insights can serve as a strategic advantage. By analyzing historical data, tracking customer behaviors, and monitoring engagement patterns, sellers can identify emerging trends, adapt their strategies, and make informed decisions during negotiations.

Gong has been reigning supreme in the field. For years, this revenue intelligence platform has transformed organizations with an accurate understanding of customer interactions, increased business efficiency, improved decision-making, and accelerated revenue growth. With its popularity, this tool has become a staple in every tech stack that modern sales professionals rely on.

But as tech breakthroughs continue to push the boundaries of the status quo, new cutting-edge tools and solutions are emerging, challenging the standard tech stack by introducing new capabilities and opportunities for sales professionals. These innovative tools leverage advanced AI and machine learning algorithms, empowering sales teams to take a proactive approach to their deal-making efforts, and providing real-time insights into customer interactions – even with the things that are left unsaid.

Leading this movement is Novacy, an AI-powered behavioral intelligence platform that empowers sales and revenue teams to gain an edge by understanding not just what prospects say, but also how they express it, revealing their emotions, opinions, and needs.

Novacy vs. Traditional Conversational Intelligence Tools

Sales teams utilizing conversational intelligence tools like Gong primarily focus on analyzing spoken words, overlooking a significant opportunity to delve deeper, as only 7% of communication is verbal. The remaining 93% encompasses crucial elements like body language and tone of voice. The limited analysis of these tools solely focuses on spoken words, neglecting the rich nuances of non-verbal communication. 

Novacy’s pioneering technology transcends this limitation by harnessing the principles of psychology and transforming them into a potent technological resource. This innovation empowers individuals to achieve a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of one another, unlocking unprecedented insights into human interaction.

Analyzing Verbal & Non-Verbal Communication

Novacy goes beyond the analysis of verbal communication; it delves into the spectrum of non-verbal cues, providing a comprehensive understanding of customer interactions. Traditional conversational intelligence tools fall short of recognizing a range of non-verbal signals that carry significant meaning. These include instances where a participant smiles inwardly in response to something intriguing, moments of disengagement as they divert their attention to their phone, or subtle signs of impatience or anxiety. 

What’s more, Novacy equips sales teams with a unique perspective on how prospects respond to specific discussion points. This insight enables them to identify the high points and potential pitfalls of meetings, allowing them to concentrate on crucial strategies that advance the deal.

Novacy’s unique approach enables sales teams to gain insights into the emotional states of prospects, allowing for the enhancement of sales pitches, team skill development, pipeline management, and streamlined onboarding processes. By acknowledging these unspoken sentiments, Novacy empowers sales professionals to make more informed decisions and build stronger connections with their prospects.


With a profound understanding of one’s prospects, Novacy assists sales teams in building trust, establishing rapport, and nurturing relationships by uncovering unspoken sentiments. This approach eliminates guesswork, ensuring that representatives stay ahead of the competition. Ultimately, the company’s mission is to transform psychological insights into technological solutions, enabling individuals to better comprehend and connect.

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