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Get To Know About Some Different Formats Of IPTV

You might know about the IPTV, termed as Internet Protocol Television. Now, let us tell you that the “IP” in the word “IPTV” is actually the same as your IP address, or you can also say it as VoIP that is voice over IP. Well, it all means that television programming is done through the internet protocol. 

Hence, to understand the best IPTV, you need to have some knowledge about the non-IPTV mechanism. In that, signals are sent out by the cable or satellite TV broadcasters and then viewers receive them. This way, the users are only able to watch what is broadcasted by the operator. Unless you use any recording device, you can never watch your programs repeat neither you can know what’s on when.

Some Different Formats Of IPTV:

There are three main categories of IPTV formats that are described below. So, get to know about them to understand how an IPTV network works! 

  • Video On Demand (VOD)

Video on demand is the same as you expect after hearing its name. Through this IPTV format, you can get video whenever you demand it. VOD services provide different movie streaming sites. 

This IPTV format makes no limitations on time for watching anything. Actually, in this format, you need to tell the service what you desire to watch at that time, and you will get it. The IPTV service provider sends it to you via the internet, and you can watch it anywhere on any device. Is it not so simple? 

However, the most popular OTT that is over the top video streaming services is available for Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Netflix. You can also find different smaller niche services. The majority of people get attracted to IPTV services just because of the video-on-demand services. All you need to do is make your IPTV subscription to enjoy this amazing IPTV service.

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  • Time-Shifted Media

If you have any information about the “catch-up” TV, you will be definitely familiar with this kind of IPTV. These days, many broadcast networks are out there, allowing the users to watch the most liked shows they have missed. You can watch your favourite shows whenever you get free time to watch them.  

One of the most significant differences you can observe between the video on demand and time-shifted media is that time-shifted media only provides a limited shelf life of the shared content. In this option, there is no opportunity to go back to several years and watch your favourite missed episode. 

If you want to do so, you just need to opt for VOD (video on demand). Nevertheless, BBC’s iPlayer is the most famous service provided by the time-shifted media.

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  • Live IPTV

Similar to broadcast TV, IPTV allows the users to watch their favourite live shows. This is a great source for people who want to watch sporting events. It is quite easy to stream your favourite game on your phone or mobile device anywhere and at any time. 

Another great thing about IPTV is that it is broadcast through the internet, and there is no need for traditional cable TV media. Live IPTV is almost the same as regular TV and offers several following options:

  • CBS Sports HQ
  • Sling TV
  • FOX Sports Go
  • Hulu Live TV

Winding Up!

Now, if you are ready to purchase an IPTV subscription, you can use IPTV bitcoin for that. In this modern world, nothing can beat the offers provided by an IPTV network. All you need to do is subscribe to a reliable network and enjoy your most desired IPTV format. After doing so, you will never feel any kind of boredom in your life as you can enjoy watching your favourite shows anytime and anywhere.

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